Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Does whatever a spider can:
Spins a web, for a second time,
Is it good, your guess as good as mine-
Look out:
Here comes the Amazing Spider-Man. 


The box is the new expanded window box so you can see both characters along with the accessories in the middle. The character names and control art bust shots are below the windows with the Amazing Spider-Man name/logo. The top has a photo of Spidey webslinging. The sides have individual control art of each character. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave.


The Figures


Same Spider-Man just a little different story line. I don’t have an issue with them rebooting the series; heck how many different variations does Spider-Man have in the comics? But this is not a movie review this is a toy review so let’s push on.
Let’s get the negative out of the way first; the eyes. Most of the negative comments about the costume I’ve seen so far have been the yellow/gold eyes and I have to agree.  Something about the eyes not being their usual bright self really makes him look dark and dirty. Even the yellow/gold eyes on the comic Iron Spidey costume seemed to be brighter than these. The rest of his mask thankfully is classic Spider-Man webbing.
Overall his costume has a skateboarder/surfer/Xtreme sports look. I think it’s the curved lines on the side of his legs and especially his style of his hands/wrists that make this impression on me. The red and blue colors look good; the webbing and spider logo details stand out well. And I especially like the subtle highlights on the blue that show his muscle frame underneath. All this together, regardless of what you think of the costume’s style, make for an impressive looking figure. Another point of interest is the small silver circles on his inner wrists (yay, web-shooters!).
For accessories there is an extra Peter Parker head (no glasses) with hairpiece that is included so you can have the unmasked look.
If you compare this figure to the Spider-Man 3 debut pack you’ll notice it doesn’t have the massive details all around that the SM3 figures do but both costumes look impressive. Isn’t there room to enjoy both!

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Peter Parker

Spider-Man’s alter-ego of Peter Parker is played by Andrew Garfield in the new movie. Besides from the gritty Red Riding series he is best known from The Social Network.
Peter has minimal facial details but still do a good job of connecting to the actor (the big eyebrows are the trick). His hairpiece is perfect, just how he looks in the movie. Darn teenagers and their just-woke-up hair style; buy a comb hippie, lol. The included extra head gives you the option of glasses or no glasses.
Peter comes with a grey jacket torso cover with attached blue backpack. The backpack actually looks like it is removable and may be but mine is firmly attached to the back and I didn’t want to risk tearing it to remove it.  The jacket itself has some sculpted details for pockets and buttons on the front. Underneath is a blue blank, same color as the partial gloves on his hands. His feet do have a lot of paint apps for his sneakers.
For accessories he comes with a skateboard. It has a foot peg on top so the figure stays attached. Unfortunately the wheels don’t roll, but still pretty cool to have minimate sized skateboard. There are lots of pieces good for customizing and I’m sure many will remove that backpack to add on to other figures.
Honestly you know Spider-Man is the main draw for this set but you get a decent Peter Parker figure included.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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