No stranger to picking up specific Marvel film licenses, this wave of DST’s Minimates were released to hit the stores ready for May 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, and featured a Wolverine in every set, plus some supporting characters from the film. This set is based on an early black ops flashback, incorporating 2 of the team picked to go to the Congo.


Wave 26 packaging remains the same as previous waves, however the look is much more understated with the black packaging.


The back of the box has the whole wave pictured, and the bio boxes are still present, hinting at plot developments in the film without giving too much away.


The Figures

Special Ops Wolverine


Originally known as ‘Congo Wolverine’, Special Ops Wolverine shows up at the start of the Wolverine film in an action-packed flashback scene. 

WOSOWolverine2 WOSOWolverine3

The face detailing is exactly the same as the face that came with Logan. It’s a good likeness, as discussed in the previous review, but smacks of cheapness. Bad form. The hairpiece is different to Logan’s though, this one is slightly more mussed up, but still not approaching the raised tufts of hair associated with Wolverine. 


Wolverine carries out his special ops bare-chested, what a guy! The detailing on the chest block is not that well done, looking more like a gaping hole in his chest than definition and body hair. The back features no detailing at all. Regular readers will know that I always feel shortchanged when that happens. To have a bare-chested Minimate with no detail on the back is very sloppy work. If they can give Kraven the Hunter full detailing on his back when it’s initially hidden by his jacket piece, then I have no idea why they can’t give Wolverine here some definition on his back. Like the reused facial expression, it smacks of cost-cutting measures. 


Special Ops Wolverine has the same bone claws and set of spare hands that came with Logan, along with an M-16 rifle. 


In conclusion, this is a completely forgettable and totally unnecessary Wolverine variant, with several black marks against him in terms of detailing and no redeeming features to speak of.

MMC Score – 3 out of 10




Ah, movie Deadpool, source of so much fanboy teeth-gnashing and nerd-rage. Wade Wilson is part of the Special Ops team that is sent to the Congo along with Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Blob, however, his scenes are not much more than a glorified cameo, being so short. 


I’m not particularly enamoured with Deadpool’s likeness to Ryan Reynolds, but it’s passable enough. A determined expression and a good hairpiece help. 


To somewhat mimic his comic-counterpart’s red and black costume, Deadpool is dressed in a bright red T-shirt. This actually makes little sense in terms of being a special ops unit, when everyone else is in camos, but we’ll ignore that. He is wearing green trousers though, and a sloppily-painted belt with a knife and a holster on it. 


Deadpool also gets a harness which contains his samurai swords. I couldn’t actually get the harness off without thinking I was going to break the thin straps. The two swords slot into the sheaths when not in use. Deadpool looks fantastic wielding them, giving off a really bad-ass vibe, which is nice because he had the best action/fight scene out of anyone in the film. 


In conclusion, movie Deadpool is a character that many people didn’t like as represented in the film, but all the Minimate can do is try to portray him as accurately as possible, and this is certainly achieved.


MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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