Although the whole Aliens Minimates line began under the Aliens banner, there was a slow shift, where DST started including sets based on other movies.  The first movie found its way in first, initially as a couple of boxed sets, but then as part of the main two packs.  The whole of wave 3 of the specialty line was Alien-based, with one set from the corresponding TRU-assortment being from that film as well.  I’ll be looking at that TRU-exclusive set, featuring Kane and the Phantom Xenomorph, today!

The Packaging

It’s the same basic packaging we’ve seen before from this line before.  It sets the tone well from the films, and showcases the figures pretty well.

Space Suit Kane

Kane’s shown up as a ‘mate before in the 35th Anniversary set, but this time around, he’s wearing his pressure suit, an important look for the character, since that’s what he’s wearing when he gets all face-hugger-ed.

Kane has add-ons for the helmet, torso, belt, upper legs, shin coverings, and wrist bands.  These pieces are shared with the other pressure-suited characters from the third specialty assortment, but Kane’s my first look at the pieces.  They do a very nice job of translating the movie look into ‘mate form, and there’s definitely some great detail work here.  The generic upper leg pieces look a little strange compared to the more detailed pieces, but they work well, and you do have to draw the line somewhere. 

The paintwork on Kane is pretty great, actually.  The design of the helmet doesn’t allow space for anything more than the basic head under it, so Kane’s cap from the film is just painted on, but it actually looks pretty decent.  The face appears to be the same one used on the first Kane, but it’s lower on the head this time, which makes it look a bit better.  The rest of the details are all pretty sharp, and I appreciate that the quilted pattern goes all the way up his chest, rather than stopping at the armored piece. 

For accessories, Kane was packed with a sidearm, a flashlight, and a clear display stand.

Kane’s the definite draw of this set, and is a very well-put together ‘mate.  It’s very impressive how well they translated such a complicated design into the simple ‘mate aesthetic.

MMC Score — 8 out of 10

Phantom Xenomorph

The Phantom Xenomorph is pretty much the same figure as the Xeno included in the Crew of the Nostromo set, but molded in smokey grey tinted translucent plastic. 

To that end, he’s got the same add-ons and “unique” pieces.  The Xeno parts are still just as impressive here as they have been on prior ‘mates.  If I’m getting super nit-picky, those hands are still inaccurate for a Big Chap variant, but given this particular design’s more expanded universe nature, I’m more willing to overlook it.

The Phantom Xeno’s only accessory is a clear display stand.  Not terribly exciting, but standard for these guys.

As far as variants of the Big Chap go, this one’s pretty fun, and certainly a bit more exciting than the slight head variations we’ve gotten before. 

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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