Here we have a single-figure pack of the Silver Surfer, which was an exclusive to the US Tower Records chain of stores.


The packaging features the Marvel Universe logo along the side of the card. The curve of the bubble is the opposite way to the normal 2-packs, going from side-to-side rather than up-to-down. The figure is packed in a bubble tray, and has twist-ties holding it in, as well as clear elastic bands holding the arms in. The surfboard is packaged slightly behind and to the left of the figure in the tray. 


The figure looks good in the package, the silver colour looks very shiny and you can clearly see both the figure and the accessory.


The Figure

Silver Surfer


The Silver Surfer, herald of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, is the only figure in this exclusive pack. He has an angry expression on his face, which is picked out in white and black paint on top of his totally silver look. The paint app looks a bit haphazard – mainly around the mouth, and also with a huge splodge of white on the back of his head – but I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.


The upper body of the Silver Surfer is very detailed yet quite simple. He has a silver finish, and the muscular detailing is picked out in black and white highlights. The arms also get some detailing too. This style of detailing also applies to his legs as well, meaning that although he is predominantly silver, he is not by any means plain silver.

The Silver Surfer comes with his surfboard, which he can obviously stand on, and also hold in his hands. Sadly there are no footpegs or anything to hold the Surfer in place when he is on the surfboard, which limits how cool the accessory is.


Overall, this figure does something really different to all the existing Minimates, he looks great, the silver paint job works well, and you get his surfboard accessory too. The drawback that you can’t fix him to the surfboard is more than just a minor criticism, but the figure is too cool to let that get in the way of being a fantastic Minimate.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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