Finally after all these years we’re getting LOTR wave 3 with Sauron and Eowy… er Shanna?! Aww crap, wrong series. Oh well; at least we can enjoy a new Marvel set from LCS wave 51.




The box is the expanded window box so you can see both characters along with the accessories in the middle. The character names and control art bust shots are below the windows. The sides have individual control art of each character. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave.


The Figures

Shanna the She-Devil


I’m surprised Shanna wasn’t paired up with Ka-Zar but guess they went with the more current Marvel Now! storyline where she teams up with Wolverine (hence the Reapers).
She has a nice full blonde hairpiece along with great intense look on her face. There is not a lot of details on the base figure but what is there is well done. The main problem with this figure is the skin tone. It is uneven from piece to piece; literally giving her a checkerboard looking skin. Under certain lighting it’s not so bad, outside lighting seems to be the best, but overall it’s unfortunate for what should be a simple base colored figure.
Shanna has a waist cover loin cloth (yes, she’s a party girl) with attached sword scabbard along with two different sized bracelets. For accessories she comes with a short sword and long spear. Also included is a clear base stand. If it wasn’t for the skin tones she would have been great custom fodder.
Overall she is still a good figure just scoring lower due to bad skin tones.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Savage Land Reaper


I was a big dino-fan when I was a kid; so I loved reading the X-Men stories when Sauron would show up in the Savage Land and cause all sorts of trouble. But this isn’t Sauron; see, no pants. So instead these are Reapers: giant pterodactyls that rule the skies in the Savage Land. (but then wouldn’t that make Sauron one pterodactyl to rule them all, one pterodactyl to find them, one … oh, nevermind)
They have a wonderfully sculpted pterodactyl headpiece. Great paint apps, even details for his teeth. You can see in this figure how well minimate engineering has evolved over the years. He has a torso harness that fits over the head peg and through the waist peg as well. This harness has the sculpted back detail and peg for his tail along with two holes for the upper part of his wings. The lower part of his wings are molded with his claws (very much like the bat from Battle Beasts line). What is especially nice is the little detail lines on the wings.
The lower half uses the legs we’ve seen from the Lizard. Again great paint apps all over and even the green color is spot-on! He comes with a clear base stand with a smaller peg that fits in his lizard foot. Customizers may want to try putting a pair of pants on him to turn him into Sauron.

No mas pantalones!

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Beware the Eye of Sauron!

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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