Marvel wave 33 was another wave with no unifying theme, however it was kind of nasty packing Rachel Grey (Summers) in with the mutant killing robots that ruled the future she escaped from.


The usual Marvel box, nothing new to report here, though the dome of the Sentine’s head does intrude slightly into the clear window section of the pack.


The Figures


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Mutant killing robots that have dogged the X-Men from the beginning of their careers, over the years Sentinels have become ever-more sophisticated and come in all shape and forms. These though are fairly classic Sentinels very much inspired by the Kirby originals. This is not the first Sentinel DST has produced for the Minimates line as there was an 8″ statue released in 2006, though what this 2″ figure lacks in stature it certainly makes up for in articulation and extras.

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What’s not to love about this Minimate? The headpiece is removable and reveals a whole mass of silver paint and circuitry around the back of the head. This is detail that’s unlikely to be seen or displayed at all, but the figure is all the better for it. The blank red eyes are just perfect, and I can’t help but be incredibly impressed by that tiny application of silver paint inside the Sentinel’s mouth that represents the machinery within.

The Sentinel has slip-over pieces for the chest and T-piece which add extra bulk. There’s no extra sculpting to these pieces other than the slight flaring over the shoulders. Both these pieces can be removed to reveal a more basic slimmed down Sentinel body with what I would call retro-detailing to the chest block including some funky line work inside the power pack. The Sentinel’s gauntlets are similar to those found on a few Iron Man figures. They look great, except when combined with some of the alternative pieces that are included in the pack they can leave the Sentinel looking a tad asymmetric. Big clunky boots finish the figure off. I’m pleased DST opted for these as the more streamlined boot-front inserts we’ve been seeing just wouldn’t have looked right on what is after all a honking great robot. One thing worth noting about these boots is that they don’t force the figure’s legs apart, so it can stand up on its own without having to balance mainly on one foot. It’s about time!

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The Sentinel has alternative hands and feet that can be used to display the figure in it’s original guise from the 1960’s. Also included is an Iron Man repulsor hand which works well when used in conjunction with the regular Minimate hands but looks slightly wrong on the modern version of the Sentinel. There is also a re-use of the weapon hand packed in with the DC Cyborg figure. It’s been painted up to match the Sentinel’s colour scheme and looks very effective. The Sentinel is also accessorised with the Iron-Man flight stand that’s meant to represent flames bursting from boot jets. It’s perfect for this figure. A display of Sentinels in flight using this stand would look fantastic.

In conclusion: Everything an army builder should be – Outstanding!

MMC Score – 10 out of 10



Rachel Grey

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This Minimate is Rachel Grey in her current incarnation as Marvel Girl. Marvel Girl has an exceptionally convoluted history. I’m not even going to attempt to give a precis, but you can find all you need to know about her here.

Like the majority of female Minimates Marvel Girl has a stock expression on her face. No smile, no scowl, no gritted determination. Just a mouth and some eyes. The eyes at least have a nice colour to them, but all in all the expression is best described as bland. The hair is a re-use of DC Direct Power Girl’s but coloured red. I have no problem with the re-use as it’s very similar in style to how Marvel Girl is in the comics, though could perhaps have been a little more full in the back. I also find that when ‘clicked’ down into place the hair sits a little too low and slightly obscures the eyes. It looks much better if pushed down just enough to engage the peg without clicking it into place.

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Marvel Girl’s costume is an homage to the one her mother Jean Grey wore once the original X-Men were allowed to choose their own outfits. Though Rachel’s has been updated by separating it into a crop top and short skirt and using more yellow. The costume is well executed and due to its primary colours makes for a figure that stands out from the mini-masses. Turn the figure around and there’s a very sweet touch. That ‘tattoo’ that can be seen beneath the crop top is a death mark placed by the alien Shi-ar Empire. It represents a phoenix and means the Shi-ar can track her anywhere. I am so impressed that DST thought to include this detail as it’s the sort of thing that can easily be missed. I’m also very impressed by the way Marvel Girls gloves have been reproduced. Rather than using a Captain America style gauntlet DST have opted to use a normal Minimate hand with an extra cuff piece at the wrist. This gives a much better appearance than the gauntlet.

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Marvel Girl is accessorised with a stand that’s meant to represent the Phoenix Force. On its own the stand looks excellent, but the stand could have done with being a bit taller as when the figure is placed on the foot peg (which gives a nice floaty appearance) the figure’s head gets in the way of the Phoenix head. Still, it’s an arresting looking piece and when viewed in front of a light source it’s really quite stunning.

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In conclusion: A great-looking but basic Minimate.


MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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