This is a pack containing 2 villains, the evil wizard Saruman and his henchman Grima Wormtongue. As I have already reviewed the Saruman Minimate in the Aragorn, Saruman, Legolas and Twilight Frodo 4-pack, this review will focus only on Wormtongue.


The packaging for the 2-pack sets is good for several reasons. Firstly, it looks very similar to the early Marvel Minimates packaging, being a card and bubble combination rather than a boxed set. This gives you a very good look at the Minimates inside. Also, the same simple yet colourful graphics and overall style of the 4-pack sets has been used, giving a pleasing sense of continuity. However I am now used to the Minimates being packaged in boxes, mainly for the fact that you can reuse them easier. Also, and I forgot to mention this in the previous review of Gimli, they are secured into the bubble using the same heinous twist-tie method found in the 4-pack sets. This means each arm has a twist tie wrapped round it and then the two twist-ties are then twisted together.


The Figures


See review from 4-pack




Grima Wormtongue is the treacherous advisor to King Theoden in the Two Towers. He didn’t actually do a lot, so it’s quite a surprise to see him in wave 1, but still. Wormtongue is noticibly paler than the other Minimates, and it contrasts really well with the darker robes he is wearing, and his black hair. The hairpiece is very well done, it is styled to look greasy, and just hangs in front of his face. The expression is also good, the eyes adding a baleful, staring intensity that is complemented well by the drop of blood from his lips.


The paint job is again very crisp and clear. Although generally dark tones have been used, there is detailing on the arms and front of the robes that adds to his look. The main problem with his voluminous robe is, much like Saruman, it really restricts his articulation. However, it has been realised very well, and even is even molded to trail along the floor slightly.

Wormtongue3 Wormtongue7

Grima comes with a short sword and scabbard. As usual with the Lord of the Rings accessories, this has been really well done, and the fact that it’s been coloured to match the character (black and silver) distinguishes it from the weaponry of the heroes. Unlike all the other Minimates who come with scabbards that slot into a hole on their sides, Wormtongue’s clips into a hole in the front of his rope, again making him different from the others.

Wormtongue5 Wormtongue6

Overall, for a character who didn’t do much in the films, and can’t do much here due to quite restrictive clothing, Wormtongue really works. The whole look of him is so different to the others and that makes him a worthwhile figure. Can’t wait for an Eowyn figure for him to terrorise. 

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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