Here are some more minimates based off another popular video game fighter crossover: Street Fighter X Tekken. There have been two LCS and TRU waves released for this series. This pack is from TRU wave 2 featuring two of the games fighters. So let’s see which figures survive this round … Ready …. Fight!



The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The top of the pack has the Street Fighter X Tekken logo. There’s also an insert with the Minimates logo with headshots of the two characters on the sides. The back shows the entire TRU wave with a short bio of each of the two characters included. The TRU exclusive sticker is on the front. 
RvK03 RvK04 RvK02


The Figures



First up we have a fighter that was originally a boss in the first Final Fight game but later became a part of the Street Fighter series. He’s a former member of the Red Beret special forces unit (hence the hat) and serves as the supervisor of the Mad Gear gang’s weapons plant.

RvK06 RvK07 RvK08 

His beret is pulled off rather well and looks good. Excellent job on his face detail and the full length scar. He has a short collar piece with attached grenade belt. It would have looked much better had it just been the belt and the shirt collar on the torso itself rather than raised here above the normal collar line. Rolento also has a mini waist piece with belt and bottom ruffle of his shirt (either that or dude has on shortest miniskirt ever). There are black color up his lower legs for boots and black partial gloves for his hands.


He comes with a green staff that has little red rings near the ends. Not a bad figure for parts with some decent blank and/or flesh colored parts.


Overall he’s an ok figure.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10




 A bear, in a fighting game??!? But this is no ordinary bear; this is a kung fu fighting bear from the Tekken series (actually he fights in a variation of the Heihachi Mishma style of karate (but seriously if you had a bear attack you with roundhouse kicks and punches are you really going to split hairs about his style of attack?) ).
Well ok, he’s a bear, so his head is that of a bear; it’s not a fully sculpted head but rather a mask piece fitting over the base minimate head. That being said it’s a darn good sculpted piece; I especially like his menacing teeth. Setting him apart from your average bear he comes with a removable red scarf. One thing especially to point out is the fur texture that is all over this figure; outstanding!RvK14

He has a large torso cover that is the hulky torso of a bear complete with belly, back muscles and little stump for a tail. There’s a torso riser underneath to give him added height along with shoulder and thigh covers for added bulk. He also has large bear claw hands and feet. While all this added mass adds to the grand size of the figure it does somewhat limit movement and balance. And on my figure his hands and feet did not want to stay on.

RvK12 RvK13

No accessories for Kuma but you may want to grab a clear base from another minimate set to help with balance.


In conclusion, regardless of his karate skills, it’s awesome to have such a highly detailed perfect looking minimate bear!

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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