Here we have a pack containing two of the more popular females of the X-Men comic titles, Mystique and Rogue. Once again, this set was sent to me for review by the great peeps at stuckakid.


As normal now, this has the Marvel Universe logo on rather than a more suitable X-Men logo. The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have no twist-ties holding them in. Instead, a second clear tray piece fits over the top and then locks in, meaning that these figures are held in well and can be seen from each side.

The back of the packaging is the same as wave 10, showing only the figures in waves 10 and 11.

Each set in wave 11 also has a two-sided poster, featuring all of the Marvel Minimates released so far, excluding wave 10 & 11 but including the SDCC Dark Phoenix/Cyclops exclusive. Check one of the wave 10 reviews for pics.


The Figures



The first Minimate in this set is Rogue, one of the most iconic X-Women who has the power to absorb other mutants memories and powers.

Rogue has quite a detailed face, with green eyes and full lips. The detailing isn’t overdone, but still something seems slightly “off” about it. Maybe it’s the little half-smile, I don’t know.As with all the figures in waves 10 and 11, the hairpiece used for Rogue is a reuse. However rather than simply reusing New X-Men Jean Grey’s hair AGAIN, they cast the net further back, and have used Ultimate Storm’s hair instead. This was always a nice hairpiece, so credit to them for reusing something a bit different. Interestingly the hairpiece base colour is white, with the brown painted on over the top. The green headband is painted on and goes all the way round the head block, even though it doesn’t need to because most of it is obscured by the hair. As an older hairpiece reuse, Rogue therefore doesn’t get the hole in the head or peg.


The costume is simply detailed with no extra pieces like belts or boots. The green and yellow make her stand out, and not in a good way. The colours seem to clash far more in 3D than they ever did in a 2D drawing. The paint apps here are fine, though, with no bleeding between the colours.


Rogue comes with no accessories. A shame then that they did not include her brown leather jacket, as at least that would have been something. This is an area in which the Marvel Minimates continually fail in, and it’s a shame when they are competing with products like PALz where you get so many more accessories.


Overall, there’s just something about this figure that disappoints me, and yet I can’t quite put my finger on it. Possibly it’s because I was really looking forward to her and now I find her slightly underwhelming.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10





The second figure in the set is Mystique, the shapeshifting mutant, who like a lot of the successful, longer-term Marvel women, has been on the side of both good and evil in her time.

Mystique is done in a very “comic book” way, possibly because her blue colouring would prevent a more “realistic” approach on a block figure. However this is the right way to portray her, unfussy and quite simply, as most of the Minimate women suffer when they are overdetailed. The expression is good, Mystique with a glint in her eyes and a knowing look, really giving the impression that she is scheming. They have even added the skull decoration on her forehead. The hair is a reuse of Emma Frost’s, and looks absolutely gorgeous in this shade of red. Because it is a reuse from a more recent figure, Mystique gets the hole in the head and the pegged hairpiece.


The costume is again done in a more comic book style, with the thick black detailing lines contrasting well with the white of her costume. The detailing has been added sparingly, however the white paint apps look very botchy on my figure in some places. Mystique also has Elektra’s sash piece from waaaaay back in wave 1, detailed nicely with skulls to suggest a belt. Gotta love the 2003 copyright notice on the back too!


As with Rogue, Mystique comes with no accessories. A waste, especially as she could have just come with a pistol or something. Anything.


Overall, this figure has some flaws but is generally pretty solid. Great to get another female villain in the line too. 

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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