Here we have a review of the Rhino minimate, which was the hidden 5th figure in the TRU US Spider-Man 5-pack.


First I’ll talk a bit about the packaging, as this is slightly different to the DST 2-packs I normally review. The packaging features the Marvel Universe logo along the side of the box.


There are 4 Minimate figures visible, and each are named on the pack. The 5th is obscured by the artwork and the “hidden super hero inside” proclamation. As with the DST 2-packs, the figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have twist-ties holding them in, as well as clear elastic bands holding the arms in. The figures looks good in the package, the colours used are similar to the DST 2-packs and the contrasting colours of the 4 Minimates works well to make this a visually appealing package.


Here you can see how Rhino is packaged inside the tray. He is covered in a black plastic shell to keep the surprise element for as long as possible. As I have covered the other 4 Minimates in their respective reviews, I will focus only on the Rhino Minimate.


The Figure



The Rhino is an enemy of both Spider-Man and the Hulk, making him a great choice for a Marvel Minimate. He has an angry yet slightly goofy expression on his face, which is drawn around the low brow of the Rhino mask, giving a great look.

Rhino5 Rhino2

The Rhino’s costume is mainly a uniform grey colour, with some texturing “swirls” painted on, but sometimes on a Minimate, the simple approach really works, and it definitely does here. He also has muscular detailing on his upper body picked out in black, in a very similar way to the Hulk.

Rhino7 Rhino6

The main accessory for Rhino is his horned helmet, and it looks amazing. The size of the horn does make Rhino look very intimidating, he’s easily the tallest Minimate yet. Even though he’s too skinny compared to the other figures, his height advantage really works in play. The helmet is also removable, another nice touch.

RhinoVsSpidey2 RhinoVsSpidey1

Overall, this figure is superb. Rhino is one of my favourite Minimates, he looks imposing and fearsome just as he should. I feel he is worth getting the whole 5-pack for, even if you have some or all of the others.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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