We’re counting down the days until the Battle Beasts line hits retail full blast. In preparation let’s take a look at another previously released Gator.



The packaging is the main draw here; the gator came as a bonus figure in the first run of Minimate Collector’s Cases. Unfortunately I don’t have a case to take pictures of but luckily a good friend let me take pictures of his gator en-route to him. The cases do have striking graphics and look great to store your minimates. Check out Luke’s Toy Store as there’s another case available with included bonus figure.


The Figures

Red Gator

This red gator’s sculpt and design is the same as the previous promo gators that were released. Awesome looking body armor and love the details of his scaly skin, especially on the tail. He has a large sculpted gator head with its mouth open about the same amount as the Gold Gator. Underneath is a black blank head and body with red arms and legs. The red/black paint scheme parallels the same color from the main Battle Beasts logo.  And I love the little touch of gold details here and there on his armor. Impressive paint apps; you got to wonder how they get those little white teeth so perfect.

For an accessory he comes with a large translucent red blade with black hilt sword. It’s the same one seen previously with Ska’ar.

Out of all the Gators this one stands out the most to me as a true impressive Battle Beast!


MMC Score – Grand Gator


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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