Here we have a Minimate exclusive from the 2003 conventions. There were several different colors available at that time including red, green, yellow and blue, and they appeared at several of the summer conventions and also that year’s Toy Fair in February.


Like all the promotional Minimates, the Red Blank Minimate is normally packaged in a small baggie. However, the 2 red blanks I have are loose so I have no picture of the baggie. However I would assume it’s pretty much identical to the Yellow Blank released at the same time.


The Figure

Red Blank


This blank Minimate is very similar (but not identical) to the Yellow Blank. For this range of exclusives, there are no distinguishing features at all, not even a logo, which later blanks would have. However one of the main reasons for the success of the Minimates in general is that the body design is very appealing, and one thing I love about the blanks is that even when made in one colour with no facial expressions or identifying features, they ooze personality, and the red blank is no exception. In fact, I think because of the vividness of the red color that he is more personable than the yellow blank, who seems a bit drab in comparison. 

Redblank2 Redblank3

The main difference between this blank and the yellow Toy Fair 2003 blank is that on this version, the arms have been fixed. On the yellow blank, the shoulder balls to attach the arms to were noticeably smaller than the retail Minimate versions, presumably as it was a “prototype” from earlier on in that year and the retail versions hadn’t been released yet. On this red blank, the shoulder balls are back to being the same size as normal retail Minimates. That might mean this blank is from a later convention in the year, but as I don’t have the packaging, I can’t confirm this. This would mean that the Toy Fair 2003 blanks are different from the 2003 convention blanks. As yet, I have no evidence of this but when I review the green 2003 Toy Fair blank, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of shoulder joints it has. 


As usual for the promo exclusive reviews, this doesn’t get an actual MMC score, but it is definitely better than the yellow blank due to its sturdier construction.



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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