Well, this is quite the occasion, isn’t it?  Today, we’re wrapping up our Wave 75 reviews by taking a look at the very first Minimates Build-A-Figure.  Build-A-Figures aren’t a new concept, of course, but Minimates, a brand defined by their mix-and-match capabilities of the line, are just getting in on the bandwagon.  It’s about time.  So, let’s have a look at Daisy Johnson, aka Quake!

The Packaging


The Figure

Quake makes her figure debut here, curiously in an assortment that’s themed around the Defenders.  It’s admittedly a theme that Quake doesn’t quite fit.  That being said, as a star of Agents of SHIELD, she fits the loose television-based theme of the assortment, as well as going along with the included Robbie Reyes figure. 

Daisy’s got four add-on pieces, for her hair, her harness, and her gauntlets.  All of them are re-used, with the hair coming from Oswald Cobblepot, the harness coming from Maria Hill, and the gauntlets come from Tekken‘s King.  It’s an eclectic selection of pieces to say the least.  It makes for a pretty good representation of her comics design, though I’m not super crazy about the hair. 

Quake’s paint work is pretty solid; the detailing is all pretty sharp, and I like that the palette matches with the SHIELD Agents from Waves 43 and 51, so that’s good for inter-mingling. 

Quake includes no accessories of her own, but since she’s just an accessory herself, that’s fairly reasonable.  

I wasn’t really buying this assortment to assemble her or anything, but Quake is a nice little bonus for getting the whole set.  I like this concept a lot, and I’m interested to see what DST is able to do with it going forward.

MMC Score — 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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