AFX are following their recent Prologue Elves 2 pack with another exclusive figure. Fittingly, given that the exclusives so far have concentrated on the Fellowship of the Ring’s prologue battle against Sauron, here we have someone to lead the armies, the Elven commander Elrond. Thanks again to ThatBlokeTimbo the Art Asylum forum for very kindly getting me this exclusive.



The packaging for this one figure set is similar to that which Sauron came in, as it is a boxed pack with the figure in a plastic tray. Unlike Sauron’s box, which was going for a dark, gloomy feel, this box is bright and colourful, with some lovely touches like the lettering of Elrond. Like the Marvel Minimates, a close-up picture of Elrond’s face graces the side of the box. On the top you can see the AFX-exclusive logo. Overall it’s a nice package.



The Figures

Prologue Elrond


In the same vein as a lot of Minimates releases these days, Elrond is mainly composed of reused parts. The hairpiece is from the Legolas figure, this time recoloured brown. Elrond has a suitably haughty expression on his Elven face, but I don’t feel the likeness to Hugo Weaving is particularly good. Certainly other Lord of the Rings Minimates such as Frodo are more successful in representing their filmic characters.

Elrond2 Elrond3

The outfit is essentially the same as those worn by the Elves. This reuse makes sense given the fact that they are from the same battle. The colours are more vibrant than the gold look of the archer and swordsman, with a green skirt and blue cape and pauldrons. This burst of colour really makes Elrond stand out from the troops. The shoulder armour does hinder posability, especially when using the sword. The “skirt” is still hinged, allowing far more leg movement than usually associated with robed Minimates. The detailing is still excellent, and the paint apps are the usual superb quality that the Lord of the Rings Minimates have displayed in the past.

Elrond5 Elrond6

Elrond comes with the same curved sword that the Elven swordsman featured, and it has the same high detail work on it. It fits into a scabbard, which has a peg on it. This peg slots into the side of Elrond’s skirt piece.


Overall, Elrond is a nice addition to the Prologue-era Lord of the Rings Minimates, well worth getting if you have any of the other exclusives.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills
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