As with the previous wave, Marvel Minimates wave 20 had some often-requested characters in its selection, helping to fill out the ranks of teams such as the Avengers and the X-Men. This pack was intended to catch the (possible) hype surrounding the Incredible Hulk movie. The timing was certainly good and including the comic version of the movie’s main villain was a no-brainer.


The colour palette and layout of the packaging for wave 20 is exactly the same as wave 19. Fair enough they were released at the same time but it would have nice to have had a slightly different format. Both figures are quite prominent on the box and Abomination is particularly well represented.

The back of the box features a group shot of all the characters from Wave 20 though interestingly (and this was also true of Wave 19) the characters are unnamed. The usual biography boxes are also present.


The Figures

Professor Hulk


I’m fairly unfamiliar with this version of Hulk. He’s had quite a few different personas over the years so I assume that as this ‘mate is called Professor Hulk that he has more than a fair share of Bruce Banner’s colossal intellect. I do seem to recall though, that the smarter Hulk gets, the weaker he gets.

Onto the ‘mate itself. I was surprised to see that Professor Hulk has a sculpted head. It seems that DST aren’t so tied to the basic Minimate these days and will go that extra yard if the character demands it. We’ve seen that with a few ‘mates of late; Zombie Colonel America comes to mind, as well as Mysterio from wave 19. So, this Hulk has a short back and sides as well as an elongated head. It looks… wrong.


It may be right in context to this version of the character, but it does look wrong as a ‘mate. However, I do like the expression this guy’s got. There is a vicious intelligence in the eyes, and that lopsided grin just has to mean trouble.

Professor Hulk appears to be wearing a very superhero-style outfit, I like that the colour scheme is mainly purple (Hulk’s strides are always purple) but there’s not really a lot to it. It doesn’t seem all that professory either (no Danny, I don’t think professory is a word really). I can’t go on. This figure is dreadful. Of all the various guises the Hulk has had DST choose this one! Why? What were they thinking? It’s dreadful. From the top of its stretched head to the tip of its frankly ludicrous ‘duck’ feet (designed to add height, but really? Come on!) it’s a dog, a pig, I hate it! Make Joe Fixit. That would make for a very cool Minimate.

Professor Hulk has no accessories.

In conclusion: This thing should be put in a sack, drowned, dredged up, shot, set fire to, and then paraded through the streets for people to point and laugh at.

MMC Score – 1 out of 10





Hulk gets another gamma irradiated foe. Emil Blonsky is a Russian scientist who, once bombarded with gamma rays, mutates into a very different looking beastie indeed.

From what I can recall of stories featuring the Abomination he’s not that happy a chappie. And this ‘mate certainly doesn’t look like he’s full of the joys of spring. He has a fantastically furious expression on his face, though unfortunately it’s a bit obscured by being placed on a fairly dark headpiece. It’s strange how much darker the face is than the rest of the ‘mate, and it’s difficult to pick out the features in all but the best light. This fairly spoils the figure. Especially as it’s essentially a naked guy in shorts.


There’s really not a lot else going on with it. Oh, there’s detailing, but it’s not the detailing of a costume, it’s just musculature. Even that detailing seems a bit too busy, though I do like the detailing to the spine on Abomination’s back (obviously). The best thing about the ‘mate is the piece that sits on the head, which represents the Abomination’s craggy scaled forehead and amphibious looking ears. It’s a shame the rest of the ‘mate doesn’t live up to it.

Abomination has no accessories, but like Professor Hulk it does come with alternative feet. These are similar to the duck feet but as they resemble Abomination’s clawed feet they don’t look so bad.

In conclusion: Should have been great but the muddy features wreck it. What a terrible shame.


MMC Score – 4 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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