Just in time for the holidays to curb the craving for Walking Dead minimates was this exclusive 4-pack from Amazon.com. Let’s take a look at each figure and see if this set leaves you hungry for more.



The packaging is a tall blister card with blood spattered background. There’s an insert with the Walking Dead logo. On the back is a group picture of all figures in this box along with a short write up of the Walking Dead story.  


The Figures

Prison Rick Grimes

Last time I reviewed Rick, he nailed a perfect score. This time around he’s sporting some prison duds and a swollen eye.  This 4-pack was put together to help more fans get a hold of this very popular new minimate line. So a lot of what we’ll see are reuses of pieces and accessories on simple minimate bodies.
Rick’s hair is the same one from the previous pack. He has a wonderfully detailed face with bruises, bandages and a great mid-yell expression.
His outfit is a simple prison jumpsuit with black shoes. They did a great job with the color; it’s definitely prison orange. He has a decent amount of detail on the front of his torso showing the button down with white shirt underneath.
For accessories he comes with the same silver revolver and black handled shotgun. All the included figures also come with a clear circular base stand. His outfit is obviously perfect for any prison customs you’d want to create.
Overall a simple but well done figure.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Michonne (angry face)

Michonne has some crazy good sword skills in the comics (as well as on the TV show). She was released in the second wave of LCS and TRU Walking Dead minimates but luckily they included this popular character to this 4-pack as well and put on her angry face. Besides the facial expression she is the same figure from the second wave.
Michonne’s hairpiece is a new sculpted piece for her character. It’s bulky but is back far enough so you can see all of her face. She has simple facial details but you can tell she’s angry.
Her torso cover has well done details for her open jacket and scarf. You can see a hint of her blue shirt underneath. On the main torso they have full details for her shirt but no extra arms are included for a jacketless look. Her hands are green with the tips of her fingers showing.
Michonne also comes with a pink skirt waist cover with a black belt that is sculpted on it all the way around. She has knee high black leggings with a blue sock on one leg and green on the other. I really like the little details of her shoelaces as well as the sock details all around her legs.
For accessories she comes with her katana sword and same as the rest a clear disc base. Her eclectic fashion also makes for good pieces for customs: jacket cover, hairpiece & skirt.
Now honestly I would have scored her higher but Eric had to go and point out how cool she would have looked with her poncho cover. So now, next time she is released we expect her to have said poncho cover to get full marks!

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Roamer Zombie

So what’s the difference between a Roamer Zombie and a Lurker Zombie? About a 20 yard head start! …. *crickets*… Come on, nobody likes my zombie humor?? You guys better get out the defibrillator because your funny bone is dead ….. Fine, I’ll just review the figures then.


What we have here is your regular garden variety roamer zombie. Notice the details on the face with the flesh rotted away. He has that classic zombie grey skin tone with the usual torn away skin on his arms, torso and shins (those low hanging branches and shrubs are a constant annoyance for the everyday zombie).


This roamer is going with the summer look wearing his khaki shorts and aqua t-shirt. Hands, feet and limbs are always optional. Thankfully they included a clear base to help with posture; sadly as zombies age they tend to hunch.

In conclusion your regular garden variety roamer zombie.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10


Lurker Zombie

Now for the lurker zombie. Unlike his roamer relative, the lurker zombie tends to stay closer to the heart of the action (think of inner city vs open fields).


This lurker has the traditional decayed oral hygiene but also has remnants of a pair of glasses clinging to the rotting flesh; perhaps office worker or student. His wardrobe is more refined with V-neck sweater and buttoned white t-shirt however he still has the relaxed look with his jean pants. He doesn’t have as much tattered skin and clothing as your open range roamer but he is of the same grey skin tone.


In conclusion your regular garden variety lurker zombie.


MMC Score – 5 out of 10



Review and pictures by Lurch77

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  1. “His outfit is obviously perfect for any prison customs you’d want to create.” True. But since it so random (even in a good way), it’s also a little too simple in my eyes. Especially compared to the amazingly detailed figures with all their jackets, belts, backpacks and accessories in the Walking Dead Line. As a single figure in a box of four, it’s completely fine. But I’m not sure if the third wave will work. At least for me. Great story arch, but not so great designs for ‘mates.

    The two zombies aren’t outstanding either. Nice. Cool. That’s it. 5/10, yes.

    In other news: love your zombie humor!

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