For Black Panther, we had a few returning players.  In addition to T’Challa and Ulysses Klaue, there was another, more minor return in Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross.  It’s not a shock, since Ross began his comics carrier as a Black Panther supporting player, and all.  He was one of the many Minimates offered for the film, alongside a variant of its main character, in a Walgreens-exclusive two-pack

The Packaging

This pair has the same basic packaging seen on all of the Black Panther sets, just with a sticker on the front denoting the Walgreens-exclusivity.  It takes the standard Marvel design, but adds a nice Black Panther theme to it, which keeps things pretty visually interesting.  Head on over to the Minimate Database entry for pictures.

The Figures

Powered Up Black Panther

Our first proper Black Panther variant.  Very cool.  This is, of course, the same suit as the last one, just fully charged up with kinetic energy. 

The construction is identical between the two.  He still has the mask add-on and clawed hands.  Everything works just as well here as it did on the first ‘mate, and the consistency is certainly sensible. 

The main changes are obviously to the paint.  It’s the same basic starting point, but with some additional metallic blue details added to indicate his energy build-up.  It’s a subtle difference, but a cool one, and I actually find myself overall liking the look of this one a little more.  Under the mask, we get a second expression for T’Challa.  This one’s angrier, which makes sense for this particular look. 

He’s packed with an extra hair piece and a clear display stand.

Though not a necessary variant, this figure is a solid addition nonetheless, and one of the better main character variants out there.

MMC Score — 8 out of 10

Everett Ross

This is Everett Ross’s first ever figure, but it wasn’t his last (the Legends figure was about 6 months behind).  For a normal guy in a suit, that’s not terrible.  Ross is seen here in his suit and tie from the Casino sequence. It’s probably the best overall look for the guy, and it’s the same look he had in Civil War, so there’s crossover appeal. 

He has add-ons for his hair, jacket, and tie.  All of these are re-used from elsewhere, though I don’t know 100% where the hair first showed up.  I just know it’s been used on others.  The pieces are all perfectly fine for Ross.  Generic, but that’s rather true to the character. 

His paintwork is fairly straightforward stuff.  Lots of greys, which don’t excite all that much, but the Freeman likeness is quite good, so that’s a plus. 

Ross is packed with a display stand.  It would have been nice for him to get a gun or something.  He just feels a bit light otherwise.

He’s not the most exciting figure, but then again, the character’s whole thing is “generic guy in a suit” so he lives up to that.  The lack of accessories hurts him, but he does round out the set pretty nicely.

MMC Score — 6 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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