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This is a totally off-the-wall line to do in minimate form but these are such fun and colorful figures. But can we really call them minimates?



PvZ 01

The packaging is a large size blister card that show off all the figures. There’s also a small insert with Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare logo. The back has a group shot of the figures in this set along with paragraph about the game and characters.
PvZ 02


The Figures

Scientist Zombie

PvZ 03

I haven’t had a chance to play the new game yet but have played the original PvZ on my phone. We have seen some incredible zombie minimates in the Walking Dead line and while they’re not as scary as those, the PvZ Zombies are impressive.
PvZ 04 PvZ 05 PvZ 06
The scientist zombie has a great hairpiece with your mad scientist puffed up troll hair along with over-sized lab goggles. Underneath is a cartoony face with nice details; again not Walking Dead scary but more of kid appropriate zombie face. The head works with or without the hairpiece for a two-in-one type of figure.
PvZ 07
He has a neat lab-coat with attached backpack. I really like the colors and details, especially with the little radar dish. His main torso has some details for torn tie. I would have liked to see a spare set of arms for a coat-less look. The yellow buccaneer cuffs and hands are a nice addition. And to complete the outfit he had a torn pair of jeans with partial zombie leg details.
PvZ 08
For accessories he comes with a clear base stand which helps with balance for that attached backpack. He also comes with a funny but awesome looking gun.

In conclusion, kooky but not so spooky.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

Foot Soldier Zombie

PvZ 09

What type of gun does a foot soldier have? A foot gun!
PvZ 11 PvZ 10 PvZ 12
He has a wonderful helmet! We’ve had minimate helmets before but this one looks like how you would expect a helmet to look/fit on a normal head. It’s a true testament to how far minimates have come over the years. He has another funny zombie face with his big round eyes.
PvZ 13
Very good use of color, especially with the army green. You can see the tattered standard issue army uniform with zombie skin underneath. The fact that he is shoe-less on one foot and his gun has his shoe attached as the butt of the gun is hilarious. His backpack is one piece that fits over the head peg and down to his waist (with sculpted detail for his belt and untucked shirt. There are two pegs on the back where you can attach his bazooka.
PvZ 14
He comes with two guns. The aforementioned shoe gun where the shoe is an actual minimate foot and a massive bazooka. He also comes with a clear base stand. His parts make for good reuse, especially if you’re working on an army custom.
PvZ 15

In conclusion another fun and useful zombie.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



PvZ 16

We’re back to the old question of what makes a minimate a minimate? The two Peashooters included in this set do at least have a minimate head but that’s about it as far as any distinctions that it is indeed a minimate.
PvZ 17
It’s head has sculpted detail for little leaves in the back along with it’s shooter mouth. Black details are added for it’s eyes and mouth. They have a rich green plant color all over. It’s body is a small sculpted stem with leaf legs and little pods for hands.
PvZ 18
Despite being only two pieces there’s still a big potential for customizing. First off, THIS (I need to find a Groot minimate ASAP!)!  If anything, DST needs to re-release Groot with an included brown colored plant base. Also this headpiece is just begging to be turned into a Deku Link; please post pics in the forum!
While not your typical minimate, the peashooters are well done.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

Sunflower & Chomper

PvZ 19 PvZ 23

Now the Sunflower and Chomper look even less like minimates but they are so cute!
PvZ 20 PvZ 24
The Sunflower has a large flower head, the yellow of it’s leaves stand out extremely well and there’s a lackadaisical smile on it’s face. Chomper looks like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors with big open mouth. I love the teeth and tongue details along with the spikes on it’s head. Both heads can pivot on the sockets. Their bodies are a thicker stem with leaf feet with the stem curving to allow for balance with it’s head. Lots of great sculpted detail on both with their bumps, spikes and leaves.
PvZ 21 PvZ 25
There are not any accessories included with the plants. We just get a lot of cool looking figures that could be accessories.
PvZ 22 PvZ 26
I was unsure when we say the promo pictures of this line but I honestly love the plants included. Great details, colors and sooo much fun!
PvZ 27

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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