The X3 wave’s chase figure is Phoenix who comes packaged with Wolverine. Two Wolverines in one wave? DST you are spoiling us. This review focuses on just the variant as Wolverine, has been reviewed elsewhere.


Strangely the picture of the variant is set behind that of the regular figure so you see less of it. This is probably because the picture layout is the same as that on the regular release. The package also has ‘Variant Enclosed’ printed on it in the manner of a stamp instead of the banner that used to adorn the more compact carton.

The pictures on the side flaps of the box feature Phoenix and Wolverine in action poses. The photograph of Wolverine is different to the one on the regular’s boxart.


The Figure

Phoenix (X-Men 3: The Last Stand)


Wave 14 features characters as depicted in X3 (X-Men the last stand) the third X-Men movie. This figure depicts Jean Grey as the Phoenix – An entity Jean has been evolving into (without much explanation) across the three films.


The face is very different from regular Jean. Phoenix not only looks mad as hell, she looks like she’s determined to be mad as hell for a very long time. The ‘vein’ lines around her eyes and forehead are very simply done yet very effective in portraying Phoenix’s look. The regular head set amongst the translucent red plastic of the hair and body helps to highlight the face even more.


Although the costume is exactly the same as that on the regular version it has been cast in red translucent plastic. I can’t say I recall Jean/Phoenix turning red and see through in the film, but then again that doesn’t really matter. It’s an effect that DST are going for here and it works well. It’s nice to see that the detailing on the sleeves of the original figure has been carried over to the variant. I also noticed that the print on the body is lower down. Which makes me wonder if I simply have an error version of the regular Jean. The variant’s ‘décolletage’ is certainly more of the plunging variety than regular Jean’s hitched up look.

Phoenix doesn’t come with any accessories, but then none of the X3 ‘mates have accessories. Nor would the characters they depict so I suppose we shouldn’t complain.

In conclusion, it’s a good well-executed variant of a somewhat dull figure.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Review and pictures by Stewart Kay

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