Marvel Minimates waves 17 and 18 feature characters from 2007’s summer blockbuster Spider-Man 3, sadly these Minimates were released too late to cash in on the hoopla from either the movie or DVD release. Here we have a pack containing wave 17’s variant figure, Transformation Venom, who is packaged with Peter Parker but as Emo Pete has already been reviewed only the variant will be covered.


All the Spider-Man 3 Minimates in both waves 17 and 18 share a common design theme. A warped, blue tinted New York Skyline with the figures superimposed in front. The side flaps feature larger pictures of the Minimates while the back has a nice big ‘family’ portrait along with a whole slew of trademark logos and legal indicia. There is a “Variant Enclosed” legend in the top right.


The Figure

Transformation Venom (Spider-Man 3)


Eddie positively welcomes his union with the Symbiote, unlike Peter who ultimately rejects the suit and the darkness that threatened to overcome him.

Make no mistake, this is a great looking ‘mate. Like Eddie Brock it still has an overly cartoony look to it, but it’s still a great ‘mate. This is Eddie in the throes of merging with the alien symbiote. It looks a tad painful doesn’t it? I really like the way the symbiote oozes around Eddies head leaving his face as the last recognizably human part. Eddie’s expression is necessary to depict the anguish he’s going through but ultimately it limits this ‘mate to being one that looks cool displayed but that’s about it.


There’s a really sweet piece of design on the chest block that’s been added to this ‘mate. Instead of fitting over the neck and arm posts it slots over the peg from the T-piece and the chest block sits inside. This gives the impression that the suit is creeping up Eddie’s body and is so, so effective. Top marks for that DST.

Underneath the chest block the torso is black except for a twisted spider-emblem that is partially obscured by the ooze. Eddie’s left arm is full on Venom including a clawed hand, while the right arm shows the suit creeping down but it has yet to cover his wrist and hand. The legs are all black and are lacking the chainmail effect as the costume has yet to fully envelop Eddie. The suit has similar webbing details to black costume Spidey but they’re slightly warped and incomplete which reflects the corruption of Eddie and the nature of the symbiote.


Transformation Venom has no accessories, but as it’s depicting a specific moment that’s not necessarily a drawback.

In conclusion, this Minimate is great looking, but limited.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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