So what am I thankful for? Family, friends & minimates! Speaking of family, my 7yr old daughter’s going to take over with review duties on my day off on this SDCC exclusive box set for the new Marvel vs Capcom 3 series. See what she has to say after the jump.

Hi! I’m Emma. Ok so today’s my dad’s birthday so he’s letting me do this review for him. I’m talking, he’s typing :)


This box is cool, it’s bigger than most of the other ones. You can see the characters inside their little windows. I’m not sure who they all are but they look neat. Oooh, Wolverine’s picture is on here. Why isn’t there one of him in here? Somebody drew faces of the people on the side. And on the back there is a picture of everybody with a story of each one.


The Figures

P2 Deadpool

Deadpool. That’s a funny name, he looks funny too. He has to be some sort of ninja or something. I think he is one of the X-Men because he has a x on his outfit.  He’s really bright too like someone colored him with a yellow magic marker.
Dad has another one of this guy but he has a different outfit with more stuff on it. This one has to be the better one though because he has bigger swords. Probably makes him quicker too since he doesn’t have so much stuff on him. He has so many weapons, like guns too, he should have a bag to carry them all in.

I like Deadpool, he is funny and a little weird too.

My Score – 7 out of 10

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


P2 Dante

I have no clue who this person is, but dad says he’s from a video game I’m not old enough to play yet. He has really funny blue hair. And he looks like he is wearing a dress but I guess it is just a coat. Something happened to his one arm because they forgot to paint it all white.

 He does have a really neat sword. It’s way bigger than Deadpool’s and even has a skull on it. My little brother would think that is really cool.

I don’t like him as much as the other ones but he does have a larger weapon so he probably beats up the other bad guys.

My Score – 6 out of 10

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


P2 Phoenix

Phoenix is named after a bird that bursts into flames and is reborn {she’s been watching the Harry Potter movies lately}. I don’t know why but she looks upset. She shouldn’t be though; she has a pretty white outfit on with a yellow belt. And she is from the X-Men too. They really should have Wolverine in this box.
There is this red bird stand that she can stand on and look like she is flying. My dad has other minimates just like her. It’s a good thing she’s not as mad as the red one but too bad she’s not as shiny as the green one.

I like her; she is pretty and has a neat bird.

My Score – 8 out of 10

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


P2 Arthur

Arthur is a knight, you can tell because he has armor on. They should have put a princess in here for him to save. I really like his gold armor. His face is scruffy too, he needs to shave. Maybe if he found a princess he would shave so he would look handsome.
He has a lot of weapons too. I like the shield and axe that he has and he also has one of those things knights fight with on horses. We should really get a lot of these knights so we can have a big army of them. My dad put some pictures of him fighting zombies at the bottom of this page; he thinks the picture with the frog is funny.
Arthur is my favorite in this box but he really needs a princess!

My Score – 9 out of 10 (not 10 because he’s missing his princess)

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77 Emma


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