Happy Halloween!! One of my all-time favorite movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas; so fittingly I thought it would be fun to review a figure of one of my favorite characters from that movie. And as an added bonus a mini review of DST’s Select figure!


Regular version Oogie has had several releases but all have been in a blind bag assortment for LCS and Hot Topic. I’ve actually been able to find the blind bag assortments at the Go! Calendar, Games & Toys stores at the malls.

The bag is similar to comic con promos but larger and obviously not clear plastic but completely sealed. Because of the size difference I’ve passed by them a few times without noticing as my eye tends to look for a blind Lego bag size instead of one that’s about double that height. You can feel rather easily which type of figures are inside. It has the Minimate logo and Visit MINIMATES.COM in bold at the bottom of the bag. The packaging has a large image of Jack behind a tombstone with The Nightmare Before Christmas text on the front. The back shows each of the figures that are in this assortment.

The Figures

Oogie Boogie (regular)


Do you think he’s the bad guy of the movie? I don’t, I just think he’s mischievous. He’s definitely a fun character to watch.

ob-02 ob-03

Oogie is not your typical minimate and it was an interesting task to recreate that sly bag of bugs in minimate form. His head is a new sculpted piece that has a wisp curling up in the back. And for the only color detail added is the black for his eyes and mouth; I do like the lines that still give it that stitched look.


The rest of his body does have an overstuffed bag shape (although he really does look like a Thanksgiving turkey). His color is a smooth tan all over however I wish they would have added a few grid-lines so he would look more like burlap. There is a normal torso piece underneath the torso cover with little creases in it and his arms have sculpted ends that hook slightly at what would be his hands. The bottom is big rounded piece with ball joints for his stubby legs attached. His legs do move but I highly suggest not to! The major issue with this figure is if you turn the legs too much (or at all in one of the figures I have) the ball joint will break and you’ll need to glue him back together.

Other than the standard clear base there are no accessories for Oogie. And he does make an awesome QC cooked turkey, just pop off his head and torso cover and voila!

Oogie Boogie is integral for any NBX collection and he looks pretty good but does have some serious articulation issues. Just be careful with him or get duplicates

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

Oogie Boogie (DST Select)

20151114_163543 20151114_163552

DST’s Select line has produced some excellent pieces between Marvel and various other licenses; the Nightmare Before Christmas line continues this tradition. I was checking out the minimate figures at Toys R Us and happened upon Oogie and had to get him (outstanding price too!). There is a LCS and TRU series one that includes Jack, Sally and Oogie; the difference between them is the TRU ones don’t include a base (Oogie doesn’t have a base in either line). They are packaged in a large clam-shell packaging and the characters are in a 7-inch scale. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth of plastic for Oogie as he’s quite heavy.


The design and sculpt of Oogie is fantastic, he looks like he jumped right out of the movie. His head has a wicked grin and you can actually remove his face to see sculpted color bugs underneath (LOVE THIS!). His head and waist swivel and arms have a surprising amount of articulation. The best feature is his texture; he feels like burlap with big stitches all around. As I said before he’s got a bit of heft to him so he stays put on display.


I highly recommend this figure and is the best one I’ve ever seen made of Oogie Boogie! I really hope they make a glow version or I’ll have to get another one and take some glow paint to him.

ob-11 ob-12 ob-13

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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