Om nom nom nom mmmm Turkey om nom nom mmm Walking Dead minimates!! Grrrrr Review!!

Tis the time of season to be thankful for those things that are special to each of us and near the top of my list is quality minimate figures. Speaking of which, let’s check out a set from the hot new line of The Walking Dead figures. Oh and pass the mashed potatoes this way and save me a turkey leg! 



The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with The Walking Dead logo. The back shows a group shot of all the figures in this series along with a short bio of each of the two characters included.   


The Figures

Officer Rick Grimes


This line is based on the comic series by Robert Kirkman. While I’ve only thumbed through a few of the comic tpb, I’m an avid watcher of the TV series on AMC. So while some of the scenarios play out different in the comic vs. the TV show, you’ll recognize most of the characters regardless which one you follow. Rick Grimes is the primary protagonist in a world gone topsy turvy and overrun by the undead.


Certain minimate lines have come out the gate with some quality figures (ThunderCats comes to mind) and this Walking Dead line looks to be added to that list.  From the top Rick has on his distinctive wide-brimmed sheriff hat with attached brown hair. I love the details with the black rope and gold badge, for such tiny pieces they did a great job on the paint application. He also comes with a regular hairpiece which looks to be a new sculpt for his unkempt hairdo. Wonderful job on his face too with unshaven chin and determined look.


Rick’s torso is his powder blue button down police shirt. Again I love the details, down to his Grimes nameplate and badge. Even his shirt pockets have that little bit extra that give his outfit the “worn too many days” look.  In this pack you get two sets of arms for Rick. One is continuation of his police shirt with flesh toned arms/hands. Another one, as setup initially in the pack, matches with his torso cover jacket. The arms have gold shields on the shoulders and the long brown sleeves all the way to his hands. On his right hand he has either a partial glove or it’s wrapped in tape; I’m not really sure which. His jacket is wonderfully detailed/sculpted; it has the thick fabric around his collar and the little details of its buttons, pockets and badge. I’m truly impressed with the paint apps on him; little to no bleeding anywhere.


Rick has so much finely detailed belt cover intricacy that Wolverine has buckle envy! This belt also has a holster for his gun and a loop for his hatchet; that’s what you called being prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. Underneath he has additional belt details on his waist. And the rest of his legs are his brown pants with black boots.


So what’s the number one necessity (besides food and nerves of steel) to survive an onslaught of the undead?? Weapons!! And Rick comes loaded. He comes with a rifle, shotgun, pistol and hatchet. And what’s even cooler is his hunter green duffel that can be slung over his shoulder that can help carry the larger rifle and shotgun. Seriously this is one stocked figure and a customizers dream. Besides the extra arms, hat and base police figure; the weapons are great to share amongst characters.


So in conclusion, they hit this one out of the ballpark. Rick is a must have for any minimate collector whether you’re a zombie lover or not.


MMC Score – 10 out of 10




One-Armed Zombie

Every day must be Thanksgiving for Zombies; they love stuffing themselves with all they can eat and they’re always on the lookout the next day for leftovers. We’ve had reviews of zombies on Minimates Central before; there was the Marvel Zombies and then the MAX Zombies (which we can be thankful for leading to this Walking Dead line). The undead are getting more and more gruesome at DST; which is good news for us.


He’s aptly named the one-armed zombie since he has, you guessed it, one arm. Well he does come with an extra one so guess he could be the two and a half armed zombie but that would have been too much crowding of the fonts on the insert. He has a rather interesting hairpiece; it’s a partial comb/wrap around green hair with little grey ears hanging there. It’s strange looking but I like it. His face has massive details; I mean you can see right past his ripped out jaw and down his throat. It’s gross but very well done.


His torso sports even more massive details. The base torso piece is done in clear plastic with paint apps over it which allows you to see through him at parts. I love the little bones sticking out from his ribcage. And on the back there are even more gruesome details. His left arm has the decaying grey flesh with some torn out red flesh parts here and there. The extra arm included has more of the same details. But the stump is really neat looking and well sculpted. You get bits of raw flesh covering the exposed bone. The lower half of him is just regular khaki pants and black shoes.

He does come with the extra arm but no other accessories included. I’m looking forward to some of the other sets that have some included body parts for the zombies to nibble on. With this figures parts you can mix and match to make other zombies for your herd.


This is a good figure to wet your zombie appetite.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10



Review and pictures by Lurch77

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