I figured it would be fitting the day before Halloween to have a creature that is a common symbol for this time of year .. the bat! Sadly, my local TRU didn’t carry the Battle Beasts sets but I was able to trade with one of the wonderful members on the forum to procure the much sought after Nychirix. So is this a frightening fanged figure, does it scare up a good score? Read on … if you dare!



The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. And the top of the card has the large Battle Beasts logo with several of the characters from the comics. The pack has an insert with the Minimates logo along with headshots of each of the characters on either side. The back shows all the figures in this wave along with short bio of each of the two characters included. The silver “TRU exclusive” foil mark is also on the front. 


The Figure



Nychirix is packaged together with Antalor (not the first time a flying rodent and moose were paired together). In the Battle Beasts world Nychirix is a deadly assassin that sells his skills to the highest bidder. He was a must have for my collection since his design is not that far from Batman’s foe, Man-Bat.
Nychirix02 Nychirix03
Like the rest of the Battle Beasts we’ve seen so far his head is not your normal minimate head but rather a fully sculpted piece. The texture and details on his head alone are incredible; long pointed ears, hinged jaw with full set of teeth. His headpiece attached to the torso cover with the peg positioned forward. I love the details on his torso cover; you can see the light blue veins under what looks like the pulled tight brown skin; a feature continued on his large bat wings/arms. There is gold plating for his armor in strategic places on his body. I especially like the gold rings/knuckles on his long claw hands. Underneath his torso cover is a grey base with some chest detail added as well and his head does fit on the normal head peg to give him a slim look.
Nychirix04 Nychirix05
Nychirix has a black waist cover that his two included accessories, a silver glaive and gold/silver sword, can easily attach to the pegs. The only issue I had was his claw hands with attached wings make it slightly difficult to hold the weapons. But they look cool attached at his belt. For his legs he has gold clawed feet similar to what we’ve seen on Merk (just different texture and armor plating). I find the figure to be surprisingly well balanced given the clawed feet and wings. A simple crouched position with his wings down also allow for added support.
Nychirix06 Nychirix07
Like most of the other figures in this line, he’s great for part swapping and using as a base to create other figures (Man-Bat!).
Nychirix08 Nychirix09
In conclusion another top notch figure in the Battle Beasts line!

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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