The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica continues to wow fans and the Minimates based on the show must be doing the same as they’ve made it to a third wave. There are twelve different Cylon models for the “skinjobs”, and here we have two representations of them, Clyons number Three and Eight.


Essentially the same as series one and two. The very clever blister in the shape of a colonial pilot’s helmet ably displays the two figures in the pack.

As before the back of the card features the rest of the wave plus variant, and that lovely cartoony ensemble shot is still present at the top of the card.

The Figures

Number Three D’Anna Biers

D’Anna Biers is Cylon number 3 and first appears masquerading as a human reporter in the 2nd season episode “Final Cut”.

The face is nothing like Lucy Lawless, but is still a nice female Minimate face. Extra effort seems to have gone into the hair which tries to capture D’Anna’s feather cut.


It wasn’t until I started to write this review that I discovered which D’Anna this ‘mate is based on. It’s certainly not the reporter from the fleet, nor is it the D’Anna of Season 3 who – when she was actually wearing clothes – tended to go for white. This D’Anna is from the Season 2 episode “Downloaded”, where she’s on Caprica along with the newly resurrected Sharon Valerii, and the Six who originally corrupted Baltar. We have a few Battlestar Galactica Minimates from that episode already, with Caprica Six and the shiny “Downloaded” Cylon Centurion.

D’Anna’s costume is very simple being just a vest top and what looks like denim jeans, so it’s a shame that DST didn’t go that extra inch and dirty her up a little (she survived a bomb blast in an underground car park). It’s still a nice ‘mate, just not all that inspiring. On the plus side, she does have really big boobies so that should count for at least one more sale among the staff on this site [I’d take exception to that if it wasn’t absolutely true! – Ed]. Apart from legal indicia there’s no decoration to the rear of the figure. Like wave 2, the indicia on the legs is in black.

D’Anna’s only accessory is a pistol, which is in keeping with this particular model of Cylon number 3.

In conclusion, nice hair, shame about the face. Totally underwhelming.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10

Number Eight Sharon Valerii

Damn but these Human Model Cylons get confusing. This is Sharon ‘Boomer’ Valerii, not Sharon ‘Athena’ Agathon. The only clue to this is the accessory that comes with Sharon. Sharon Valerii is Human Model Cylon number 8.

As with Wave Two’s Boomer this Sharon Valerii is instantly recognisable. I’m not sure what it is about Grace Park but her (extremely attractive) features seem to translate easily into Minimate form. This version of Sharon has a different hairstyle (Wave Two’s is tied back) and an expression that borders on ‘serious’ to ‘getting pissed off’.


At first I thought Sharon had been kitted out in a Colonial Military Dress Uniform as this outfit really looks like an update of the Dress Uniform from the original series. I can find no evidence to back this up though so have to assume this is Sharon in her civvies. It’s still a nice outfit and helps make her stand out from the blue-hued officers and green-clad pilots that we’ve seen so far in this series. Other than the jacket this is a very basic ‘mate. There’s a nice touch of gold detailing on the belt buckle but no other additions to a standard Minimate body.

Sharon’s only accessory is a photo of Galen Tyrol, this is the only way I could establish that it’s Boomer Sharon and not Athena Sharon that we have here.

In conclusion, great likeness and a good choice of outfit help this ‘mate shine.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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