A second helping of BSG ‘mates. The series they’re based on is astonishingly good and I’m sure most fans want as many of the show’s characters in their collection as possible. This assortment hits the spot as far as character selection is concerned. Wave 2 of modern BSG was released in summer 2007. Here we have the variant of the wave, Number Six Gina. This review focuses on just the variant as the Baltar has been reviewed elsewhere.


The packaging is exactly the same as series one, with the blister in the shape of a Viper Pilot’s flight helmet. The only difference being the pictures on the back. Unfortunately the BSG series 2 reviews do not have carded pictures. However if you want pics then go to Minimate Database which is chock full of fantastic pics from all the different Minimates lines and is far more up to date than this site!

The Figure

Number Six Gina

Gina was a Number Six Cylon who had infiltrated the ranks of the Battlestar Pegasus until she was captured. Later she was allowed on board the Galactica.

Of all the Six’s so far in the Battlestar Galactica line (and she’s rapdily becoming this properties Wolverine!) this one is my favourite. Like Kobol Six this figure’s facial detailing has a hint of personality about it. The hair piece is excellent and is tied into a ponytail at the back. The glasses work well, nicely framing the eyes, and the expression is great. It still looks nothing like Tricia Helfer but it’s a fine looking attempt.

The body is nicely done too. Gina’s green vest hints at some hefty bazooms without being overt. She wears the same holster and utility belt as the fleets pilots. Gina’s cast in white plastic and painted, and the arms are cast in flesh coloured plastic. This means there is a slight difference in flesh tone, and the arms are a bit glossy but it doesn’t spoil the figure. Grey trousers and black feet finish off the ‘mate. It’s not spectacular but it is very nice.

To go with the holster, Gina has a gun. She has C3 feet and a peg hole in her head.

In conclusion, this Minimate is my favourite Number Six so far. I just love the expression on this ‘mate.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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