Here’s another hot 2-pack from wave 15 at Toys R Us.




The box is the expanded window box so you can see both characters along with the accessories in the middle. The character names and control art bust shots are below the windows. The sides have individual control art of each character. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave. 


The Figures

Nova Flame Human Torch


Before we start, you have to check out Geo’s post for this week’s TTFC. Go on check it out, I’ll wait …………………… seriously, how cool is that Johnny Storm transformation?! It makes you want extra F4 figures from wave 48 doesn’t it?
We’ve had several Torch versions of Johnny over the years but this has to be the best full-on Torch version to date. From the waist down he’s the exact same as what you get with the “Flame-On” version with same flame feet. This also goes for his arms but this version has the standard hands (minus the attached flames). The rest of his torso and head are done in red/orange translucent plastic as well. Dark black detail lines stand out well against the base color. He has a flame shoulder cover where the flames creep up over his shoulders and swirl around to the top of his head. This is a really cool flame piece and I like this a lot better than the old ice-cream swirl hair/shoulder-piece he used to get.
For accessories he comes with two updated flame ball hand covers and also a clear base stand. He also comes with an absolutely beautiful F4 flame logo stand. It’s actually a two part stand with the flame base that has a foot peg for Torch and then a hole for the flaming F4 logo to fit into all done in the same translucent red/orange plastic. This is a must have for any Fantastic Four fans! For customizers it’s always handy to have translucent parts, especially red ones like this.
On its own this figure is incredible. Add in the w48 “Flame-On” version and an extra body from w48 Mr Fantastic and you’ll have the definitive Johnny Storm/Human Torch for your collection!

MMC Score – 10 out of 10






You have to feel a little sorry for Annihilus. He was minding his own business, ruling and conquering lands in the Negative Zone. And then Reed and his cohorts had to come along, sticking their nose all in his business and causing trouble. I mean, if you mess with a hornet you’re going to get stung, right? Those crazy scientist superheroes and their quest for knowledge and justice throughout the multiverses.
Annihilus has a great looking robotic bug head; they did a wonderful job matching him to the comics. Instead of a full torso cover he has a shoulder cover with raised collar and awesome looking spiked shoulder pads. On the back there are two pegs that allow his large green bat-like wings to attach. The wings make him look really impressive; just make sure you use the included clear base disc to help with balance. His colors are top notch with nice added sculpted details on his belt and neck.
Included is a clear takeoff blast base which thanks to its long base also helps to balance him. He’s another good figure for custom parts with his wings, gloves and shoulder pads.

Another must have figure for any F4 fan!

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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