Minimates Central, the largest and longest running Minimates web site, is celebrating its 8 year anniversary today! This site was founded by Danny on September 21st, 2003 as the first dedicated Minimate review site. Over the past 8 years, Danny and other contributors have posted hundreds of Minimate reviews spanning all of the various licenses and releases.

Today, Danny handed over the reins of Minimates Central to Luke Porter, who is proud to continue running this site and working with the review team to add great new content and features.¬†This relaunch is the site’s first redesign since 2005, and includes¬†a new modern layout, social media links, video review integration, RSS feeds, user comments, and a user ratings system. We have lots of other new features planned, so check back often! And all of these new features are in addition to the steady stream of new Minimate reviews that we will continue to post.

And what would a new site be without a new contest? Luke has assembled some cool Minimate items, and one lucky winner will get the following prize pack:

Santa Spidey Promotional Minimate:

Marvel Minimates Series 28 Gambit & Psylocke:

Castle Gate Diorama from Luke’s Toy Store:

How To Enter:

Entering is easy! You have the following two options, and while only one is required, both are appreciated!

1. Like Us on our new Facebook page!

2. Comment on this post and tell us what you think of the new site! (A valid email must be used, but we won’t use it for anything except for contacting the winner)

Entries will be accepted from now until 11:59 Pm CST on Sunday, September 25th. One winner will be selected via a random drawing on Monday, September 26th. After receiving confirmation from the winner we will update this post. Comment moderation is set up so that the first time you comment it needs to be approved by a moderator, but after that, approval is no longer needed on any future comments on this site.

Edit: This contest is now closed. We have chosen a winner using an online random number generator. Once we get confirmation from the winner we will announce the happy news. Thanks for all your comments and Facebook likes!

Edit #2: After picking two winners who did not respond to our emails, we chose a third winner, who was happy to win the prize! His name is Jonah Keel and his prize pack will go in the mail tomorrow. :)

Once again, welcome to the new site!


  1. Thank you for all the kind words, I really appreciate them. It is great to see the love for Minimates Central as a simple but honest fan-site.

    I love the new look, especially the Search option which is something MMC has lacked for many years. The new additions Luke has done already like the video reviews are also great and I am sure he has many more ideas to come.

    Here’s to a bigger, brighter, bolder Minimates Central!

  2. new site looks fantastic! Cant wait to see more reviews and all the other great stuff

  3. I got my first minimate in 2008 and ever since I’ve been an avid collector. I’ve visited this site many to check out all the minimates I might never be able to buy. I’ve also seen the great reviews. Now on its 8th anniversary the site has got this modern look to it! YAY! Love it so much! Now its easier to look for all those minimates with that useful little search bar. Thanks a lot Luke!

  4. My name is taylor nailen,but I call myself tn ,I am seven years old.
    I think your site is fantastic,i actually mean awesome.
    I liked the old site,i love going through the sets and reading the reviews.
    I am going to love the new site.

  5. whats a uri and its pretty nice

  6. and im Ryan and im 10 years old i love minimates my first 3 packs were bigtime spiderman and iron fist.My 2ndpack was battle damage spiderman and sandman. my 1st was black spiderman and gwen stacy I love the new site.

  7. the new site is awesome…Im a big fan of reviews especially video reviews

  8. The new site looks great, Luke. I’m looking forward to all the new reviews!

  9. My name is Rob culligan but on MMC my name is cully… im 28 and love minimates sinec my lil god son put me on now I have to buy all the old miminates. I dont open my miniats. some people say im crazy but to me playing with them in the box is just so more fun to me… I dont know why… lol Nice site I like the way the back grond is and all the minimate pics…. You need more video’s review…( I can do some if you like just email me or PM on MMC P.S I have old minimates still in the box) But I like the old DC pics bring me back to when I was yong… And you dont hate on any kind of minimate on this site A++++++ in my opinion.

  10. the new site looks awesome you guys truly honor the Minimates cant wait to see the new reviews and pictures you guys take, keep up the good work for us who love minimates.

  11. i absolutely love the new sight. It makes it look so much better and it is a lot easier to look around at all the cool and new stuff. please keep up the good work for as long as the mini mates lines keep on going.

  12. awesome decoration luke.Man i realy need that gambit. I hope i win.

  13. I’ve been coming to this site since 2003 and it looks great!

  14. Gonna miss you, Divebomb. I got out of Mates for about a year or so to focus on LEGO… and now I’m back. Maybe you’ll find your way back, maybe not. Either way, you’ve left the place in good hands. Nice work so far, Luke.

  15. Whoa! The new site looks pretty awesome, I always check here to see what minimates i should check out before blindly going and buying some that might suck. Now it’ll be an even bigger help to me…

  16. The Site is ERRSOME!!!

  17. I really like the new site! It’s a great resource for Minimate fans!!!!!!!!!! :)

  18. Still a great site :D

    The torch has been passed on from one legend of the minimate community to another and you can read their love for minimates in every review they give to us.
    Great fresh new update on the site’s visuals, but i still liked the older one too.
    Maybe ’cause of sentimental value’s ;)

    Still love this site, though :D

  19. Awesome job luke!

  20. Glad to see it updated! I always loved the reviews on this site!

  21. I really dig the new look. Having just gotten into Minimates, it’s cool to find this resource is getting an upgrade!

  22. I know I missed the deadline for the contest, but still figured I’d drop a line and let you know the new layout is groovy. Looks good, thanks for maintaining this site. Great resource.

  23. Thanks, I appreciate that!

  24. Has anyone replied to win the contest??