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The other half of Michonne’s gruesome twosome drags his way to this TRU exclusive wave 2 set along with Morgan (ooooh, nice week for him to pop back up, I wonder what he’s been up to*). So let’s take a look to see which figure has legs to keep up with the other Walking Dead figures…

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The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with The Walking Dead logo. The silver TRU Exclusive foil sticker is on the front. The back shows a group shot of all the figures in this series along with a short bio of each of the two characters included. 


The Figures



Morgan Jones is one of the first non-zombie people that Rick Grimes encounters after waking from his coma; well after Morgan’s son Duane knocks him out with a shovel. Morgan tells Rick the details of the outbreak and what’s been going on during the months he was in a coma.
His hairpiece looks like a reuse of the Beyonder but it’s not (I had to MMDB it to be sure); it’s a new well done sculpt. He has a ton of detail on his face; calm looking eyes with unshaven chin details too.
Morgan’s body is mostly a base minimate with details for blue button down shirt and grey khaki pants. He has little cuffs for his rolled up sleeves. Also details for the hair on his forearms and some chest detailing with his unbuttoned shirt. One minor gripe I have is the neck peg is the blue of his shirt which is ok from the sides and back but from the front with his unbuttoned shirt it looks a little odd.
For accessories we finally get a minimate shovel (seen in the long lost Marvel w15 with the Caretaker) which goes perfect with Morgan’s background story with Rick. He also comes with a silver pistol and the brown rifle we’ve seen with most all the Walking Dead sets so far. Apart from the Walking Dead storyline Morgan also makes for a great generic character too with a simple outfit that swaps well with other figures.


He’s a simple figure but the little details make him a good figure for any collection.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Zombie Mike


Taking the ‘Ball n Chain’ relationship a bit far we have Michonne’s boyfriend Mike. You already met Terry in the previous review.

Like Terry, Mike’s zombie face looks great (for a zombie that is). His lower jaw is removed and you can see the red flesh details underneath. He also has the silver collar with chain attached. With the collar his head is really snug on the head peg so it’s not the easiest of things to remove it. Mike’s torso had tons of details; you can see his emaciated chest with his bones peeking through on the one side. He has the ‘c’ shaped flesh chunks for his shoulders (I was able to actually get a pic of them in the right position this time) and comes with a spare set of arms in case you want to give his arms back. I said before that it was the cold keeping them from going on but this time with the warmer temps I still couldn’t get the arms on right. The peg holes did not seem to be deep enough and yes I did remove the flesh chunks first before trying it. The rest is brown khaki pants with zombie grey feet.


Other than the included arms and little flesh chunks there are no other accessories for Mike. And as before mixing and matching you can easily create other zombie characters from his parts.
Another good quality zombie.


MMC Score – 8.5 out of 10


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Review and pictures by Lurch77

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