The Mini Javelin appears in the second wave of C3 construction sets. It is a smaller set, comprising 87 pieces and 2 Minimates, the Flash and the Martian Manhunter.


The packaging is a small semi-window box. The Justice League Unlimited logo appears at the top left. The boxart shows off the set and the figures nicely, but it does show differences to the actual figures. The main change being that in the artwork, the Martian Manhunter’s “X” crossed cape is a separate piece, with the rest of the chest detailing being on the actual chest block, but on the figure it’s one piece. Again, the Superman artwork on the left hand side is a nice contrast to the multitude of Batman artwork from the other sets. To the right, you can see the Minimates in the window portion of the box. The first figure is totally visable but the second figure only has their head and shoulders shown.


The C3 pieces are all bagged up in the main part of the box, and the Minimates are packaged in a tray on the right hand side. In this set, neither of the Minimates have twist-ties holding them in.

The back of the box shows the cross-sell of the other new C3 sets, including the new Mini-Flyers, and a “technical specification” type drawing to show off the set itself.


The Figures


The first figure in this set is the Flash. It’s nice to get another member of the Justice League finally. The expression is one of the things that really makes this figure. It’s a huge cheesy grin that really helps convey the cockiness and goofiness of the character from the cartoons. The mask isn’t as well done, with some very minor paint issues, but it still looks fine. As a bonus, there is also a hairpiece included in the set – something that isn’t done very often for the masked/helmeted Minimates. The head block has a hole in it like the Marvel wave 8 and 9 figures, and the hairpiece has a corresponding peg to match. However the helmet doesn’t have a peg. Curious.

The costume is superb, the red and yellow colours are very vibrant and there isn’t a stray line out of place. The detailing is excellent too, with the Flash logo looking superb. The costume just fits the Minimate style very well – I get the same vibe from this Minimate as I got from Captain America, and that is a big compliment.

Aside from the hairpiece, the Flash has no other accessories, but as he forms part of a C3 set he does of course have the C3 feet, which have now also made their way into the main Marvel line.

Overall, this is one of the best Minimates available, from the cheeky grin to the great detailing on the costume, I just think he works really well in this format.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



Martian Manhunter


The second figure in the set is Martian Manhunter, the last of his kind from the planet Mars. He has a very stoic expression compared to the Flash, perfect for someone who is much calmer. He has two different styles of headpiece, both with a brow, but one with a flat top and one with a more pointed top. The detailing on the head block replicates the brow on the head pieces, which means that you don’t actually have to have either of these head pieces on, but my preference is the flat topped one. Neither has a peg and the head block doesn’t have a peg hole.

As for the costume, the cape has been well done and looks great with its collar, however I know some people would have preferred the way it was implemented in the boxart, as a separate piece to the torso, rather than the cape AND torso being a separate piece. This would have given the cape’s fastenings and the “X” more definition. The colours are quite refreshing, being lighter shades of blue and green rather than some of the more vivid colours normally associated with superheroes. The Martian Manhunter also has some extra ankle pieces to beef up his boots.

Aside from the extra headpiece, the Martian Manhunter does not come with any accessories.

Overall, I’m not a fan of the Martian Manhunter character, and I find this figure quite dull, but he is an essential core part of the Justice League and therefore worthy of being picked up. Just don’t get too excited.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10



The Construction Set

Mini Javelin


The C3 construction set is the mini Javelin, a smaller scale vehicle modelled on the look of the Javelin 7 spacecraft used by the Justice League. Originally there was to be a larger Javelin 7 C3 set, but it was never produced. This mini Javelin is the compromise, and also theoretically wouldn’t rule out any possibility of one day getting the larger set, as there was both a Batmobile and a Mini Batmobile in wave 1.

Like all of the smaller sets, the Mini Javelin was a simple set to assemble, there were no really tricky parts to put together and the instructions were clear.

The set is mainly pale blue with yellow and black highlights. It’s a nicely effective colour scheme that doesn’t look too garish but isn’t dull either. As it’s in the same price class, the set is similar in size to the Mini Batmobile. The cockpit area is great, with a large see-through canopy and a chair molded into the cockpit. There is a control joystick and a computer in there too, certainly more comparable to the Batwing than the Mini Batmobile in terms of outfitting a decent cockpit.

There are 2 main action features to the Mini Javelin. First the rear wing panels can be rotated, allowing the ship to “land”. Secondly there is a firing missile system attached to the underside of the ship. I think there’s some kind of law that insists that every other toy features a firing missile. Instead of having a spring-loaded system, this one has a holder that clasps the main part of the missile, and to fire it you apply pressure to the back of the missile in order for it to shoot past the holder. It flies a weak 2 feet or so. Still, the missile assembly helps the ship balance as some sort of landing gear too.

Overall, it’s a fun set which brings some much needed other JLA Minimates into the picture.


MMC Score – 7 out of 10

C3 Mini Javelin Assembly Guide 

Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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