Given out to those lucky attendees of the 2011 NY Comic Con this zombie promo shows off what could have been with the MAX Zombie line. Unfortunately the MAX Zombie line is on hold for now, BUT the good news is you can get your zombie fix with the new Walking Dead minimate line that will be out later this year (be sure to pre-order at Luke’s). 


Similar to the past Minimates given away at comic conventions, the figure is packaged in a small baggie.  The printed text is on a sticker attached to the baggie showing the MAX Zombies Logo along with the convention logo and the Diamond Select Toys & Art Asylum logos. 




The Figure

MAX Zombie Civilian

There have been two other figures in the MAX Zombie line, a zombie surgeon and biker. This one is a generic civilian zombie.
He has a great looking expression for a zombie, sort of a half-crazed hungry-smile look. Lots of blood details around the eyes and mouth (dining etiquette is not usually high on their list). All of his skin tones have that grey look to it. The rest of his outfit looks like the typical blue button shirt and jeans; with the exception of the blood everywhere. And just in case you couldn’t tell that he was a zombie, (I mean he could have just been at an all you can eat ribs restaurant for all we know) he also has claw hands.
Rule # 213 of Zombie Survival: Claw hands = Zombie; so stay away from those people with claw hands.
Since it’s a promo it doesn’t get an actual score. But it’s a fun figure to have and who doesn’t love a fun zombie?



Review and pictures by Lurch77

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