Please give a big welcome to the latest Minimates Central reviewer MINI-MYTE as he takes a look at DST’s latest offering in the form of the Marvel Villains boxed set:

This pack consists of four major villains from the Marvel Universe, three of which are variations of existing ‘mates and one debuting for the first time in Minimate form. On a side note three of the four Minimates in this set were released recently (in 2 packs) in the USA as part of DST’s and Toys R Us’ new partnership. So… without further ado, “Bring on the Bad Guys!”


The packaging sports the brand new window box look as seen in the previous Secret Invasion and Punisher Warzone sets. The cardboard comprising the box is covered in comic book art featuring our nefarious villains throughout Marvel’s history. And splashed at the front bottom of the box is the phrase, “Bring on the Bad Guys!” Under each window is the characters name in the same font. The reverse of the box shows all 4 villains in a group pose and below them are brief individual write ups of each character.



The Figures

Green Goblin

First up is without a doubt Spider-Man’s most demented foe, the Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn. This is only the second version of the 616 Goblin since his Minimate debut way back in Marvel series 2 in 2003. There was also an Ultimate version of the character as a TRU exclusive.

Whereas the original was pretty plain, even for its time, this ‘mate is heads and tails over his predecessor in terms of detail. First off you will notice that Green Goblin is covered in some pretty amazing scales all over his arms and legs. Secondly, he has a much more dastardly expression on his face which just screams evil to this collector. The purple used on his costume is purpler than the violet used on the original.

Gobby still uses the same hat/ear headpiece and purse from the original, but now has flared gloves and has forgone the clunky, curled tipped boots.

I personally can live with the slimmer feet, but am saddened of the lack of a pumpkin bomb accessory – even the Hobgoblin had one! Also the lack of a goblin glider which as always can be attributed to the vehicle licensing issue.

In Conclusion: This is my favourite Minimate in the set in terms of diabolical expression, even though he’s not perfect (what with the lack of accessories).

MMC Score – 8.5 out of 10


Next up is the mutant master of magnetism Magneto. This is his third foray as a Minimate after appearing with Professor X, and in the Darktide boxset, and in my opinion, he is perfect! [Don’t spoil it, make ’em read down to the end! – Ed]

Like his previous incarnations, Mags comes equipped with his standard cape and helmet which have not been retooled in any way, but let’s face it, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. He gets a hairpiece to wear when his helmet is off. The hairpiece appears to be a repaint of El Indio’s from the “Dollars” boxed sets. Some collectors have expressed problems getting Magneto’s helmet on, but it’s nothing a little dip in some boiling water can’t cure.

Detail wise, Magneto has a much more pronounced body tampo. His musculature can easily be seen now and he has more shading on his crotch piece where as the previous versions did not have this. His glove and boot detail also differ from previous forms. His face detail is also more pronounced with a sullen expression instead of his earlier evil grin or opened mouth yelling puss. Art Asylum has even added 5 o’clock shadow for even more detail. Nice touch.

Unlike his previous versions, Magneto now comes equipped with two magnetic energy blooms which he can wear on both hands to simulate his powers.

In Conclusion: All in all, this is the quintessential Magneto. Although, he’s not my favourite villain, he’s one hell of a Minimate. I guess third time was the charm with this guy.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10

Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom, the Latverian dictator, like Magneto, is also enjoying his third appearance in Minimate form. He graced wave 5 both in a regular version and as that wave’s unmasked variant.

As far as Doom’s paint detail goes, a brighter green was used on his costume. His armour has lots of fine detail, but does not compare to the original as this one has no feet detailing. Doom’s face is the only improvement I can find with this ‘mate. Unlike the original, you can see the scarred tissue around his eyes and he appears to have a much more sinister look to his mask.

The biggest difference between this Doom and his previous go-arounds are the addition of some accessories. Firstly you will notice the addition of a holster to his skirt. Nice touch as Doom has been seen like this in the comic pages. Secondly, he comes with a gun, but unfortunately, it is a reused BSG pistol. Personally, I’d have preferred something a little more original for Doom’s sidearm. Thirdly, Doom now has gloves instead of the standard Minimate hands. This is a big detractor as the new gloves cannot hold the goblet accessory that he comes packed with. His cloak and hood are just a reuse of the original one and was in most collectors minds in need of a retooled two-piece update to allow the head to move, as seen in with the Magdalena Minimate.

In Conclusion: Without a doubt, this Dr. Doom is the weakest ‘mate in the set. It seems as if he was kit-bashed together too quickly without any thought of legitimate improvements such as new sculpted pieces. The final product suffers for this.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10

Red Skull

A fan favourite and a one of the most requested ‘mates for quite some time, the evil Red Skull has finally been born as a Minimate. He is exclusive to the boxed set and cannot be found with the Toys R Us series. With a second version of the character in Marvel wave 25 slated to hit stores soon, it’s good time to be a Nazi / Hydra agent… well for him it is.

Of all the villains in the set, Red Skull is the only one who comes with absolutely no scupted pieces. He is a bare Minimate body with only a paint job to rely on. Red Skull is painted with his Hydra jumpsuit (I believe) consisting of a lighter green color, a sash and brown boots. Red Skull’s facial expression depicts his character flawlessly. Is he cackling manically or is he screaming in a fit of rage? Who knows, but that’s what the Skull does. His second release will have a calmer face with two much more detailed outfits, so I’m glad DST went with the crazy face on this plainer version.

My only complaint is the reuse of the Jack Bauer pistol. Red Skull would have benefitted much better with a newly sculpted Luger pistol. A more suitable weapon for a crazy German.

In Conclusion: Red Skull is rather plain, but with the imminent release of another one, this one stays my wrath. His lack of accessories/costume detail are my only complaint although the essence of the character is there.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

Overall Thoughts

This is a great set for those collectors just starting out or for the completists. For the casual or character specific collectors this set may not appeal to you (unless you want the Red Skull) as you may be content with the earlier releases of some of the characters. Green Goblin and Magneto are hits and great improvements over their earlier versions. Doom suffers from a lack of retooling and poor execution. Red Skull is just plain (with the exception of his face), but with another one just weeks away this collector is content. Enjoy!

Review and pictures by MINI-MYTE

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