Galactus: I Galactus bid you citizens of Earth greetings as you celebrate my second favorite Terran holiday: The Festival of the Super Bowl. But have no fear, as I have not come to devour your planet during the battle between the Seahawks and the Patriots but rather to admonish you…

Silver Surfer: Ha, second favorite, behind basically any other gathering where they have a ton of food!

Galactus: Quiet herald and say my jingle!

Silver Surfer: *sigh* If you have a galactic thirst, then you need the Galactus Bottle Opener to help pop that bottle of suds!

Galactus: Watch me devour that bottle cap so you can enjoy your cold beverage. It’s perfect for any party, festival or Super Bowl!


It’s made of quality durable Earth metal, and comes with a plush carrying case and even has powerful magnets on the back so it can be placed on your large cooled food holding containers.


Silver Surfer: I bet close proximity to food is most desirable for you.


Galactus: Enough mocking, give them knowledge of where they can purchaseĀ their own Galactus Bottle Opener.

Silver Surfer: The Galactus Bottle Opener isĀ sold by only the best most reputable vendors in the Universe such as Luke’s Toy Store.


Galactus: So don’t just sit there, buy one now …. or I will devour your planet!!

Now my herald, pass me a large plate of wings and some chips and don’t skimp on the dip!


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