The Minimates M.A.X. (Mobile Action Xtreme) brand is in-house and new to DST, featuring an assortment of vehicles and figures designed entirely by Art Asylum. We’ve seen the pilot figure previously as giveaways at the last SDCC and the Stealth Jet is a TRU exclusive.


Packaging is similar to the Battlestar Galactica miniflyers previously released with the large blister card. The figure and jet are easy to see and held in place by the usual plastic tray with twist ties. The large MAX logo is on the top with the control art of both the figure and jet at the forefront of the plastic tray. The back of the packaging does a good job of showing the multiple configurations especially with multiple sets and a little write up of what the Stealth Jet’s all about.

The entire set includes the black jet base, two wings, a jet pack, two MAX-trix connectors and the pilot figure along with instructions and decal stickers.


The Figure

M.A.X.-Tech Stealth Jet Pilot

The pilot figure is the exact same one that was given as a promo at the 2010 SDCC.

He has a removable helmet with moving visor along with breathing tube attached to the torso piece. We’ve seen this before with the Pilot Batman figure included in the Batwing during the C3 line, but it’s still an impressive piece, love the visor. There’s not a lot of paint detail on the helmet. The face has nice detail and the character has a stern expression. There was no hairpiece included which would have been a nice touch.

The torso piece is a little plain as it’s mostly the silver/grey color (with small logo showing). More detail is present under the torso piece with good chest detail. It’s not a bad thing with the lack of paint detail, the silver color works very well and having the decal stickers you can add the M.A.X. logo wherever you wish.

His gloves, belt, leg pouches and boots all have the same silver/grey color with a fair amount of lines on them to stand out nicely. The boots are the standard foot block with the attached “faceplate” to give the usual boot look. No other accessories, well, besides his jet.

In conclusion, this is a good pilot figure. He doesn’t work 100% perfect with (technically in) the jet but as a figure on his own he stands out rather well.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

M.A.X.-Tech Stealth Jet

The MAX Stealth Jet set includes the black jet base, two wings, a jet pack, two MAX-trix connectors along with instructions and decal stickers. The instructions are simple to follow and show the multiple configurations you can do with just this set and also with multiple sets. The stickers are decent too and who doesn’t love putting on stickers. There’s a bunch of little MAX logos for both the figure and jet; also little console, caution and air flows stickers to place too.

The fun part is using the wings, jet pack and connectors together; you can come up with lots of different configurations. It’s not quite the satisfaction of putting together a block set like the C3 days, but on the other hand these stand up much better to regular play. Everything fits together nice and snug, no matter which way they’re placed. No worries about having to rebuild everything, just pop a wing back in or a quick change and you got a jet pack for the pilot to fly around on; all real simple and quite sturdy. Good sculpt detail and paint job on the jet.

It has a yellow tinted see-through plastic for the cockpit cover that opens on a hinge in the front. The cockpit of the jet seats two so you can position your Pilot front or back. However with the gloves he doesn’t fit very well especially facing back, it’s a hard time getting him in there. Best option I found was to take off the gloves, put the arms straight down, and then he’ll slip right in. A set of regular hands included would have helped for this too.

The jet pack is fun too, the figures fits underneath with a notch that fits between the torso and waist. If you can pin the figure on the notch just right he hangs there very well (even upside down), but I could see after a while of play or if you have a loose waist peg he’ll start falling off pretty easy.

In conclusion, this is a good set. It’s very sturdy, holds up well to play, displays well too. The customization and ability to link with multiple sets just adds to the fun. You should especially check out some customs done with this Jet, it can be turned into a cool X-Men Blackbird. I’m looking forward to finding one of the red jets so I can mix and match the wings. It’s a great start to the M.A.X. Tech line.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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