The Minimates M.A.X. (Mobile Action Xtreme) brand is in-house and new to DST, featuring an assortment of vehicles and figures designed entirely by Art Asylum. These are the first series of the Toys R Us exclusive sets; each set has two figures with tons of accessories and gear. The lineup includes Special Ops, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters & Smoke Jumpers.


The packaging is the blister card pack with figures showcasing the accessories and gear (GEAR UP). The front has the TRU exclusive logo, GEAR UP showing all the accessories with the control art for the figure on the side. The back shows stages of gearing up along with the other figures available in the series.

The Figures

M.A.X. Elite Heroes – Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement pack comes with two figures but they are essentially the same figure and will be reviewed as one figure, see the pictures for the different combinations and accessories.

As with the MAX Elite Heroes Special Ops team, they both have the same minimal facial detail and expression, sort of a blank stare but this time with cheek detail. But they’re police right, so they might somewhat mildly be interested in what’s going on around them and have some sort of raised eyebrow or ever so slight look of scorn trying to break through? Nope, I guess not. They have two officer hats (one blonde hair and one brown hair). While they have nice detail – I especially like the gold badge and trim – the ears look odd. They sit a bit higher than they should be. There are two helmets with visors but they’re not so easy to flip up like the pilot helmet, it’s easier to just leave off if you want to. The helmets have this air hose running from front to back which is a great touch, very impressive. The gas mask is a good repaint from the one seen in the T2 line. The helmets and mask fit well and line up well so we can still see the eyes, those blank staring eyes.

Again only one figure has shirt detail on the front; the other is a blank officer blue (please note, in the individual pictures, each figure is photographed with the detailed torso). The detailed torso is nice, with a buttoned shirt with pockets, badge and gold colouring for his nameplate. There is a spare set of generic arms, hands and feet so that both figures could be displayed in their regular street uniform. The arms and legs continue with the navy blue color with flesh colored hands and black shoes.

To go for the full geared up look there are two black police vests with POLICE in bold white on the front, tons of sculpt detail showing all the pouches and protective layers along with gun holders at the hips for the pistols. This has got to be one of the most detailed torso covers we have seen to date. In addition, the set contains extra sets of arms which have black molded shoulder pads on them. Also two sets of gauntlet size black gloves, thigh pads and heavy duty boots all with a great amount of detail on them. There is one standard black belt with gun holster.

Like all the MAX heroes there are tons of accessories: four small guns, shotgun, large gun, riot smoke gun and cell phone. Yes an insane amount of accessories, accessories to the MAX, however if you check the pictures you’ll see what looks like a clear blank (torso, waist and legs) used to hold the extra arms, vest and boots. If you got a spare head lying around, then it’s like getting three figures in this set.

In conclusion, another really good set! Tons of accessories, tremendous detail but unfortunately again, the generic blank stares.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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