Here we have a pack containing Luke Cage, and Wave 12’s chase figure, Raft Sentry. As I have already reviewed Luke Cage, this review will concentrate only on Raft Sentry.


The packaging highlights the cahes figure nicely and the “VARIANT ENCLOSED” banner, which for some reason had been missed off on waves 10 and 11, has now been put back on to the chase packaging.


The Figure

Raft Sentry


Wave 12 features many of the characters who took part in the “Breakout” storyline in the first New Avengers story arc. The Raft is a hi-tech prison facility from which many supervillains escaped. The Sentry is also being held there because he believes he killed his wife. When we first see the Sentry, he has been in captivity for a while, and has unkempt hair and beard and a tattered costume. This is the look recreated by the Minimate Raft Sentry.


The facial detailing is very different to the austere look on the original Sentry face. His blue eyes are blank pools, and he has whiskers, which I think is a Minimate first. To emphasise his bedraggled look, he has long hair, reusing the Ultimate Sabertooth hairpiece (from way back in wave 2, fact fans!). This goes really well in establishing his look, and makes him very different to the original.

The other main difference between this chase figure and the original one is the detailing on his costume. Here, the Sentry’s costume has many rips and tears. The really annoying thing is that the damage has been done so much better than on Riot Attack Spider-Man in the same wave, who is a regular character and not a limited chase. Where he had 3 or 4 small triangles of colour to convey the damage on Spidey, Raft Sentry get 8 or so tears on his costume that aren’t just holes, they also have outlines of the fabric where the costume has ripped off. Visually it looks so much better and makes me wonder why they didn’t put the same amount of effort into the Spidey figure. This one proves that they can still do the effect and make it look good, yet not as many people are going to see it. My one small gripe is that I would have loved to have seen some damage on the cape, but I know that would have been a lot harder to do.


The colour is slightly darker than the original figure’s bright yellow, perhaps to give the overall impression that it is grimier. The missing highlight on the original Sentry’s belt has been filled in here. Interestingly the “S” on the belt is much brighter than the costume surrounding it – it’s brighter even than the yellow on the original. No idea why this is so.


Raft Sentry doesn’t come with any accessories, but then the original figure didn’t either, so we can’t complain too much.

Overall, I think this version of Sentry is a big improvement on the original. It’s much more of a time-specific figure which would maybe limit overall play opportunities, but the level of detailing stands the figure in good stead if you just wanted a Sentry to display on your shelf.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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