Well, it’s been about 10 years since we’ve seen this pairing of minimates, but Power Man and Iron Fist are finally back together again. You may remember the last time these two teamed up waaaaaaay back in 2004 for the Chicago Wizard World exclusive. Both minimates appeared in their classic 70’s duds. This time around, we’re getting modern incarnations of this classic team-up as part of the 3rd ‘Best Of’ wave.


Package shot

This is the standard, expanded window box that we’ve gotten for the last few waves of Marvel minimates. The front features the character concept art, and  the back shows us a group shot of the whole wave, as well as the standards biographies.

Through the window, we can see some of the many, many extras included in this set.


The Figures

Luke Cage Power Man

Luke Cage

Luke has come among way since his debut in 1972, as an angry man in a silk disco shirt and what can only be described as a man’s tiara. In the years since his first outing, he’s been a Hero for Hire, a New Avenger, a Thunderbolt and Mighty Avenger.

The version we see here is Luke’s Thunderbolts-era costume (although he also wears something almost identical in Mighty Avengers).

The look is basically just blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt, but he’s got chunky gauntlets and a big belt (re-used from X-Factor Iceman) to make him look a bit more super-heroic.

Luke Cage 2

He also comes with an alternate head with sunglasses on, a beanie and a leather jacket so that you can dress him up in a more civilian look if that’s your thing. Unfortunately, his mouth looks to be an identical design to the other head, rather than a new design. There’s also clear flying stand included so that he can deliver a mean fly-kick, or some jumping jacks!

Luke Cage 3

With bright, clean paint aps, and everything you need for an alternate look, there’s not much more one could ask for. If you’re looking for a modern Power Man, this is it.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Dragon Attack Iron Fist


In the age of variants, coming up with a catchy name not only helps to sell a minimates to the masses, it also helps rabid, completionist fans (like yours truly) differentiate one minimate from a previous incarnation.

Enter: Dragon Attack Iron Fist. Ok, so to be fair – this is only the 3rd minimate rendition of Iron Fist, so figuring out which version we’re talking about is not as hard as it would be with an Iron Man minimate.

This look is very similar to the Shadowland figure from wave 38, except that his sleeves only go to his elbows now, and the colours are much, much brighter. In fact, the mask is the same piece. Most of the pieces in the ‘Best Of’ waves seem to be re-used sculpts, but they all seem to have been employed to great effect.


As with Power Man, Danny has an alternate look. and a heap of accessories. Aside from the Flame base we first saw with the Human Torch, Danny comes with wrist and fist bandages, energy balls for his hands, an alternate blonde hair-piece and a bare-chested torso block so that you can recreate his look from the Immortal Iron Fist series by David Aja and Travel Foreman.


My figure had a couple of little paint drips on it, but over-all everything is very crisp and the colours are very bright, and the tampos all line up quite nicely. This is a great alternative to the wave 38 version for people who like their minimates to look a bit less ‘gritty and real’ and a bit more comic-booky.

MMC Score – 9 our of 10.


Fly Kick

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Review and pictures by Nessex.

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