The wave 16 chase figure is Bearded Thor. Bearded Thor? They could have called him Eric Masterson Thor, or 90’s gimmick Thor. Bearded Thor sounds a bit… seedy! This review focuses on just the variant as Loki has been reviewed elsewhere.


The packaging has the same format as the regular release and the same picture of Loki. Bearded Thor’s hammer is in his left Hand, whereas the regular Thor holds his in the right. The box carries the legend ‘Variant Enclosed’ above the picture of Thor. This is in a different format to that used on the Phoenix variant in wave 14, being white letters against a blue circle as opposed to the stamp type font used on wave 14.


The Figure

Bearded Thor


Back in the 90’s, Thor was merged with a character named Eric Masterson and given a new look. He had a more ‘Viking’ styled helmet and also grew a beard. This variant reflects that version of Thor.

The face on this variant is a huge improvement on the regular Thor. The addition of the beard plus a sterner look to the eyes gives Bearded Thor a more regal and imposing visage. It’s a shame that the mask section, rather than being integral to the helmet, is painted on to the face.

BeardedThor5 BeardedThor2 BeardedThor4

Bearded Thor features the same Chest and Cape piece as the regular version but the musculature is picked out in blue instead of grey. If you compare the box art photo to the production figure you’ll see that Bearded Thor’s chest piece was supposed to be flesh coloured on the sides, with a little of the flesh colour continuing round to the front. This would have made for a much better variation, and it’s strange that DST didn’t carry it through.

Thor’s belt and boots are gold instead of yellow on the regular version and the lines on the boots are straight rather than the strapping type lines of the regular. The legs are a much darker blue, and there’s no hint of trunks on the outside either. Another variation is found in the wristbands, they are now dark brown instead of red.

Bearded Thor comes with the same accessory as the regular version – the enchanted Mallet, Mjolnir. He also has C3 feet and a peg hole in the top of his head.


In conclusion, a variant that’s different enough to the original to be worth getting. The only complaints I have are the paint detailing for the mask, and the difference on the chest plates between the production run and the box art. That’s not going to detract from the score though, as this is one of the strongest Minimates (let alone variants) I’ve seen in the Marvel line.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10



Review and pictures by Stewart Kay

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