Killawhat, killawho? Another killer two pack for you!



The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with The Real Ghostbusters’ name & logo ghost. The logo ghost is also on the front card behind the figures. The back shows the other figures available in the series with short bio of each of the two characters included. The TRU exclusive sticker is on the front.


The Figures

Logo Ghost

DST/AA has done a great job at picking the characters for this line. I know most people recognize the main cast of the Ghostbusters but the thing that made the cartoon series so much fun was the great ghosts/goblins/ghouls that the gang went up against. The Logo Ghost comes from the Ghostbusters famous logo and in the cartoon he could be seen in the intro trying to saw out of his red no sign.

He looks 100% perfect as the Logo Ghost; this is perhaps the closest representation to true form by a minimate we have ever seen. He has two sculpted head covers; one has his surprised o face and the other with a big open smile. Love the design on this, has that little wisp at top of his head and puffy cheeks. He also has a large torso cover with a great ghost shape to it. For hands he comes with a pair of open hands with fingers and also a pair or regular minimate hands. The feet are again a perfectly sculpted piece that has their own little wisps at the tips. Everything, save for his facial details, are a bright white color, even the white blank minimate underneath the sculpted parts. The only bad thing I have to say about the figure itself is the open hands and feet are a bit loose and like to fall off. But honestly that doesn’t take away anything from how perfect this character looks.

He has two accessories. First his large red no sign is incredible: great scale, bright red color, and the cross part is bent out so that the figure is able to have his head poking out but still have the sign around him. The only downside of this sign is the weight of it, you have to put that one arm up to have is cross from corner to corner; otherwise it likes to slide down so the cross is horizontal. He also comes with a handsaw, perfect for sawing out of that no sign!

As for customizers, there’s a lot here to use. The figure itself is only a few pieces of magic sculpt away from the Michelin Man. The no sign has unlimited uses for sooooo many figures: no Slimer, no Spidey, etc, etc.

In conclusion, if you like Ghostbusters in the slightest you have to have this figure!

MMC Score – 9.9 out of 10



Another great ghost choice, Killerwatt wreaked havoc on the power grid and caused electrical devices (including Ecto-1) to turn on the Ghostbusters. 

This is another figure where you have to ask what makes a minimate a minimate? The base of the figure is a minimate torso, head and arms. The head and torso are covered by a large sculpted piece that is the body of Killerwatt. Great design on this one with little horns at the top and it continuing all the way to long tail in the back. The base and cover are a transparent turquoise color with opaque lite green highlights at the horns and tail. He has a menacing smile with yellow eyes and neat looking electrified eyebrows.

For hands they reused the ones from the Theatre Ghost in the same turquoise color with green fingernails. For accessories he has the clear base stand we’ve seen before for floating ghosts along with yellow electric blasts. While they are great for an electric character, I couldn’t find a good way for them to fit with his extended hands. Also with the base stand, be sure to raise him up a bit instead of all the way down as his tail is about the length of the stand itself.

For customizing, translucent parts are always a good thing. The base torso and head on mine was in stuck in there pretty good, so much so I didn’t want to risk breaking anything to get it out. Flight stands and electric blasts are also welcome custom fodder too.

Overall another cool looking ghost to add to your collection.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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