As noted in my first Rock review, Art Asylum had a somewhat bizarre choice of licenses, including the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon license. Thematically, it makes some sense as they already had the Bruce Lee license too, but still. There were 4 figures in the opening wave (and a second wave of 4 was planned) but as usual for the Art Asylum of 2002, only one wave made retail.


The set of CTHD Minimates I acquired from eBay came loose, without the packaging. Thanks to AdyCarter for getting me shots of the packaging.


Lo is a mysterious warrior who is in love with Jen Yu.

Lo has the most facial detail out of all the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Minimates, and even then, it is still very simple. Just eyes, eyebrows, mustache and mouth, no cheekbones or chin. It suits the overall style, though. The hairpiece is also good, with a headband.


Lo has an excellent costume. The maroon and the purple trim really catch the eye, and it’s all unique pieces. The chest block is covered by an open jacket with one shoulder pauldron. The lower part of the costume is a “skirt” piece, which goes above and beyond what most Minimates have ever done – having sculpted pieces on the skirt, which are separate to the skirt itself. The detailing on the right hand side of the skirt is a separate, movable piece. A great touch. Yes the skirt does restrict all leg movement, but when it’s designed as well as this one, you can deal with it better. Pointed shoes finish the look.

With this Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Minimate, they added a whole heap of accessories. First off, the cape/shawl, which fits over the shoulders. This impedes arm articulation slightly, but looks great doing it. He has the requisite blade to brandish, this one having a nicely curved handle. Finally, Lo has a first for Minimates: a pet. He has a falcon, which attaches to a special falconer glove piece. This really adds to the figure, and is an original, well-executed accessory.

Overall, this is a striking Minimate packed with excellent accessories.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Danny Mills.

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