This page contains links to official websites involving Minimates, and also includes many superb action figure fansites.

Where to Buy

Minimates at Luke’s Toy Store – Highly recommended store for all of your Minimate needs!

Official Links

Art Asylum – Creators of the Minimate phenomena, their new website features a regularly-updated blog
Diamond Select Toys – Owner of Art Asylum and distributor of Mimimates and other merchandise
Minimates.com – The official Minimates web site, with games, checklists, and more!
Diamond Select Toys Facebook Page – Very active with daily new content from Diamond and fans alike

Minimate Links

Other websites or pages devoted to Minimates:

Minimate Database – For all your comprehensive image needs
Minimate Multiverse – For all your friendly discussion
Minimate Factory – For all your customising tips and tricks
Luke’s Minimate Customs
– Over at the Factory, veteran customizer Luke shows off his amazing customs
Boyds Minimate Customs – Boyd’s superb Minimate customs
Minimate Labs – Ivan’s amazing Minimate experiments
Tales from the Minibar – Hilarious web comics starring Minimates
Shots from the Minibar – Just like the tales, only shorter
Portrait of an Addiction – Featuring a different Minimate every day
BAMF! Bob’s Astonishing Minimate Finds – Found astonishing customs for you to see
Ghostbusters Minimate Archive – Checklists and reviews of the Ghostbusters Minimatessee
MinimateMultiverse: A Home Away From Home – Facebook group; good place to go if the MMMV forum goes down

Action Figure Links

Websites that review all kinds of action figures, sometimes including Minimates:

Online Action Figure Entertainment – In depth review site
Michael’s Review of the Week – One of the best review sites out there
Millionaire Playboy – Not that kind of Playboy ;)
Toy News International – Comprehensive news, pictures and forums
Action-Figure.com – Fantastic UK-based news and review site
Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation – A blog about action figures and the toy industry in general
Legions of Gotham – I’m Batman!
Raving Toy Maniac – Great for news and special features on upcoming stuff
Transformers At The Moon – THE best Transformers site on the web
He-Man.org – A fantastic He-Man website