Hot on the heels of the recently released AFX-exclusive packs Ryu vs. Akuma and Chun-Li vs. M.Bison, each wearing their Player 2 (alternate colour) costumes comes the official wave 1 sets! These came out after the exclusives quicker than anyone had expected, but that’s no bad thing! This is the Chase set of the first wave, and features the same Demitri and a new character in Lilith. As I have already reviewed Demitri in Demitri vs. Morrigan, this review is just going to feature Lilith.


The packaging is very similar to the old Marvel-style carded packaging before they switched to boxes. The Minimates are very visible inside the card and there is a nice Minimate’d drawing of Ryu on the bottom left. For this set, as it features characters from the companion videogame Darkstalkers, the Street Fighter 2 logo shares space with the Darkstalkers logo. A large “RARE VARIANT!” banner is on the bottom right of the package. I hate that wording, which has changed from “Variant enclosed” on the Marvel sets. Having a huge RARE on there will only encourage people to stick it up on eBay or jack the prices up even more. I guess I can’t moan though as this was the most expensive chase figure I’ve ever purchased so I am essentially feeding the same system I’m railing against.


The back of the card shows the first wave of Street Fighter 2 Minimates, without showing any of the exclusives. Overall it’s very nice packaging, quite stylish.


The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have several twist-ties holding them in, along with rubber bands. Like the Lord of the Rings Minimates, the twist ties are wrapped around the arms, making them difficult to remove.


The Figures



The chase figure in this first wave is Lilith, who was part of Morrigan’s dark side, separated out by her father and eventually manifesting her own form. Like her sister, she is a succubus. The interesting thing about this chase is that unlike nearly all of the Marvel chase figures, this is a different character. The Marvel chases are usually costume variants of the same character (Red Elektra/Black Elektra in Marvel wave 1 for example). This figure is like Spider-Woman II in Marvel wave 10, being a similar Minimate in style and execution to the non-chase version, but a very separate and distinct character in their own right. This trend continues with the Dan chase figure scheduled for wave 2.


Lilith’s face has been detailed in a much simpler “comic book” way than the other Street Fighter Minimates. The big red eyes and large grin don’t quite seem to match up stylistically with the rest of them. The hairpiece, however, is really good, taking it’s cues from Morrigan with the bat wings sprouting out, but done as more of a bob than Morrigan’s longer hairstyle. Like Morrigan, the fringe is well defined. Not many of the female Minimates get that kind of detail of the hair itself. As with the others in this wave, the head block has a hole in it, and the hairpiece pegs on.


The simplistic detailing is also evident in the costume, which is very plain. Normally there is at least an impression of the feminine shape via cleavage detail or curved waist lines. I know that Lilith is supposed to be Morrigan’s younger sister and therefore may not be detailed as suggestively in the bosom department as her buxom sister, but having no chest detailing at all leaves the torso block looking a bit, er, flat. The legs have the same bat pattern on them as Morrigan, sadly the paint job on the boots isn’t really up to standard on my one. Lilith also has Morrigan’s wing piece, this time in a nice red to really show them off. Actually, the primary colours are very vivid and make her stand out even though the detailing isn’t there.


Lilith comes with a pink version of Morrigan’s beast-faced energy blast. It’s a lovely accessory with lots of potential for play options.


Overall, being a separate character means that this chase figure is worth getting even though I feel she doesn’t quite match the high standard of Morrigan.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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