A few weeks after the Toys R Us exclusive 4-packs hit the shelves, here we have the first wave of 2-packs, each one featuring at least one figure from the TRU sets.

This is a pack containing 2 members of the Fellowship, the Elf bowman Legolas and his stout dwarven friend Gimli. As I have already reviewed the Legolas Minimate in the Aragorn, Saruman, Legolas and Twilight Frodo 4-pack, this review will focus only on Gimli.


The packaging for the 2-pack sets is good for several reasons. Firstly, it looks very similar to the early Marvel Minimates packaging, being a card and bubble combination rather than a boxed set. This gives you a very good look at the Minimates inside. Also, the same simple yet colourful graphics and overall style of the 4-pack sets has been used, giving a pleasing sense of continuity. However I am now used to the Minimates being packaged in boxes, mainly for the fact that you can reuse them easier.

For comparison pictures between the different types of packaging, plus a look at the back of the card itself, check out the Minimate Information page.


The Figures


See review from 4 pack




Gimli the Dwarf is a heroic part of the Fellowship who fights with great courage and skill despite his small size, which is shown here by being a 2-inch size Minimate. The main thing that hits you when you see Gimli is the helmet and beard combination. Saruman and Gandalf have both had hair-and-beard pieces with varying degrees of success, and here it’s both a hit AND a miss. The helmet is superbly detailed, and the paint job is exquisite, making it very striking, but the beard attachment really doesn’t work as well. You can see Gimli’s eyes underneath the brow of the helmet but his mouth hole is too small to let you see his lips. I really wish the helmet and beard could have been seperate pieces. Not sure how it’d be done, but I think the result would have been better. The face underneath is well done, but for my money doesn’t look a lot like the source material.

Gimli2 Gimli7

The other problem with Gimli is his lack of girth. Dwarves were short and stout, and here Gimli is just short. I think a piece similar to the Kingpin’s jacket could have worked to good effect.

Gimli4 Gimli5

OK, I’ve critised the figure a bit, now what are the good points. Well, the paint job is very clean. The amount of detail on Gimli is a delight. From the armour detailing on the arms to the bound leather underjacket, it’s all very crisp. For accessories, Gimli has 2 different styles of axe. In another nice touch, he can store them in loops to his sides.

Gimli3 Gimli8

Overall, Gimli has a lot of good and bad points. This is one Minimate who will no doubt be improved on in later waves. 


MMC Score – 5 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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