This is one of two TRU exclusive sets in the Thor movie wave. Sadly this set “rounds out” all we get of the movie-verse Warriors Three. Hopefully one day we’ll get the rest (fingers crossed for a Thor 2 movie).


The packaging is the standard window box with control art below the windows. The sides have individual picture of the two figures. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave. The front has the new Avengers Assemble movie logo along with the silver “TRU exclusive” foil mark.



The Figures

Lady Sif


Warrior and Thor’s childhood friend, Sif along with the Warriors Three are quick to stand by Thor’s side in battle.

Sif has simple facial features; raised eyebrows, eyes and lips. That’s it. While it’s not an exact match to the character actor, it does the job. I think for some characters with minimal features like this, unless you have a specific expression that identifies them (Inmate Sarah Conner and Asylum Assault T-1000 are great examples of this) it’s always going to look somewhat generic. Sif also has a new sculpted black hairpiece.


Unlike most of the rest of this wave’s figures she doesn’t have a cape or torso cover, just a ton of detail on the front and back of her torso block. The colors are bright and stand out well, no color bleeding or anything. These movie waves continue to impress with the amount and quality of paint details. She has a short nicely detailed waist cover that continues her armor look.

 I am slightly disappointed by her arms; one is full regular skin tone, the other the top shoulder part has some of her burgundy shirt color along with a grey shoulder pad part. What’s disappointing is the grey has no outline or additional detail (unlike her torso) and the burgundy continues to end of hinge but the corresponding connecting skin tone forearm does not match the burgundy end of her sleeve. The left arm just stands out as two pieces instead of one flowing arm. Her gloves are all one piece (even though the right one with the extra grey bands detail really looks like separate hand and cuff) and her dark purple legs have a small amount of white detail on the front.


She comes with her sword, which itself is highly detailed and stands out.


In conclusion, a good figure but could use some work. 

MMC Score – 6 out of 10




Volstagg is part of the Asgardian group of Thor’s friends. In this movie he provides part of the comedic relief but I bet you didn’t realize underneath that fat suit is the man that played the Punisher (Punisher: War Zone). So technically this makes Ray Stevenson’s third minimate.

Hagrid Volstagg has the first removable sculpted beard/hairpiece (Gimli doesn’t count, he had a helmet & Gandalf and Saruman are too tall). While there is reason to celebrate, the downside is it doesn’t fit perfectly with this figure’s torso cover. At least on mine the hairpiece kept popping slightly up so you could see the space between the head and hair; it also covers part of his mouth. Under the hair there is detail for his eyes and mouth, not a lot of detail, but again it does the job.


The torso cover is a very cool new piece; very detailed, great paint apps, got to love the belly. I really like the detail on the extended shoulder pads. Again the only downside is how it keeps the beard from staying all the way down. Sadly an all-one-piece hair/beard/torso cover would have worked better, but I’m glad that they tried the two separate pieces. Under the torso cover is a yellow/orange blank torso. They also included a short torso peg riser to give his torso a little extra height, which is a good call because without it his legs would look very stubby. He has flesh colored arms/hands with silver removable bracelets. The legs are brown with some yellow and black detail along with black feet.

For an accessory he has his rather interesting silver axe. It has the same intertwined plating detail that we’ve seen on the figures themselves.


In conclusion, a valiant effort and a fun figure. Now make the rest of the Warriors Three (and Heimdall too!)! 

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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