Here we have a pack containing the cybernetically enhanced assassin Lady Deathstrike, and another Wolverine, this time in his Patch alias.


The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have no twist-ties holding them in. Instead, a second clear tray piece fits over the top and then locks in, meaning that these figures are held in well and can be seen from each side.

The back of the packaging is new and only shows waves 8 and 9.


The Figures

Lady Deathstrike


Lady Deathstrike was featured in the recent X2 film, and also appeared on one of the first promotional posters for the Marvel Minimates, so it’s not too much of a surprise to see that she finally made it into the Minimate ranks. Some people think she’s a small-time character but I’m encouraged to see an outright female villain in the lineup finally.

LadyDeathstrike4 LadyDeathstrike2

As with all the female Minimate faces recently, Lady Deathstrike has been detailed quite simply which works better. Her expression is quite calm but also quite knowing. The hair piece, with it’s brown cap over flame-red hair, looks great but because it is very tight to the back of the torso block it unfortunately restricts the neck articulation almost entirely – a fault with many of the Minimates with longer hair. Like most of the new Minimates in the last 2 waves, she has a hole in her head for the pegged hairpiece to sit more firmly.


Her outfit is again simple but well implemented. She has a brown triangular overpiece which adds size to her and makes her more imposing, thankfully without covering up any of her cleavage. She also has an Elektra-style skirt piece. Of course, the main draw for this figure are the oversized hands, far bigger than the usual Minimate hands, which really make her look suitably freaky.


Apart from the hands, Lady Deathstrike doesn’t have any other accessories, but with claws like those, perhaps she doesn’t really need anything else! However, like all the new Marvel Minimates, she does have the C3 feet.


Overall, this is a well-designed, and above all, fun Minimate to add to the villain side of the Minimate collection.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10





he second figure in the set is Patch, one of Wolverine’s more civil civilian aliases. There have obviously been a lot of Wolverines in the Minimates lineup so far, but this one is certainly different.


Rather than Logan’s usual feral snarl, Patch has almost a regal air about him, with the debonair look of the eyepatch and this time Logan’s hair looks like it has actually seen a comb. The hairpiece is pegged, meaning it grips onto the figure’s head block better. However in Patch’s case, it still moves very easily around the head block.


Patch is elegantly dressed in a diner jacket and smart trousers. This kind of formal dresswear would look better on a smooth customer like James Bond, but Logan can just about pull it off. The jacket is removable, and overall would make an excellent outfit for adding suitably-attired guests to Wayne Manor or something like that.


Patch doesn’t come with any accessories – yep, this time he doesn’t even have his adamantium claws – but does have the C3 feet.


Overall, this is the 8th (!!) Wolverine Minimate but yet it still adds something new to the mix and therefore is worthwhile. 

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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