Here we have a Minimate from 2003, promoting the Kung Faux website which sells re-dubbed versions of martial arts films. Although I’ve placed the review in the Promo Minimates section, it’s more of a retail exclusive than a true promotional item because you can order it through their website, so I will give it an MMC score at the end.


Like the promotional Minimates, the Kung Faux Minimate is packaged in a baggie, but has a cardboard top protecting the baggie, which has artwork and text done in the Kung Faux style. It is very dynamic, with the motion blurred punch adding to the fierce expression on Break Boy’s face. As well as the Kung Faux logo, there are logos of Art Asylum, Minimates and Tommy Boy.

Kungfaux1 Kungfaux2


The Figure

Kung Faux “Break Boy”


The Kung Faux mascot, known as Break Boy, gets a very Bruce Lee-influenced 3″ Minimate. The obvious reference being the shock of hair, and the yellow-tinted glasses. The glasses work very well, you can see the eyes and eyebrows through them fine. Break Boy has a very focused expression on his face. As with all the 3″ Minimates, the hairpiece is pegged on, with a hole at the back of the head block. 


Break Boy is dressed in a very 70s Martial arts flick red jumpsuit – think the style that Quentin Tarantino tried to emulate with the look of the Bride’s yellow outfit in Kill Bill. The Kung Faux logo appears prominently on the front of the torso block, whilst the Tommy Boy logo takes up most of the back. Yellow striping has been added to further mimic the jumpsuit style, and has even been added along the top of the torso block, an area frequently missed out in the smaller 2″ scale. 


Break Boy comes with no accessories. 


Overall, this is visually a very distinctive Minimate that emulates a particular style very well, and as such is well worth adding to your 3″ collection.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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