Back to Life!!! And it’s a translucent Tuesday too. Let’s check out one of the short pack Kmart exclusive figures for Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle minimate line. This is not your parent’s Kraang (not the one I remember).


The packaging is totally new to minimates, the (dreaded?) blind bag! Blind bags seem to be all the rage with block figures ever since LEGO started their minifigure blind bag series a few years ago. I’m not a big fan of this mindset but anyway to broaden the minimate line has to be a good thing, right? And for the first time since C3 sets we have minimates in Kmart; that is to say if you’re fortunate enough to still have a Kmart store in your area.
Mmike01 Mmike02The bag is similar size to comic con promos just slightly larger and obviously not clear plastic but completely sealed. You can feel rather easily which type of figures are inside and the stores have been consistent with the order of the figures on the display strip (check the forum for more details). Knowing ahead of time what I was looking for, these packs were easy to spot in the store but honestly they don’t scream minimates (even though it has the Minimate logo and Visit MINIMATES.COM in bold at the bottom of the bag). The packaging for all the TMNT toys are fairly consistent, same logos with similar shots of the four cartoon turtles somewhere on the package. This is not a bad thing as I could see kids easily grab one of these as an impulse buy just because they want some sort of toy that’s Turtles. On the back you can see a frame of control art for each of the figures that may show up in the pack. One slight mis-step as Mutagen Raphael is actually in the LCS sets and not in the Kmart sets.


The Figure



Back in my younger days of the aught 90’s, when we walked to and from school uphill both ways and cartoons where only on for a couple hours in the afternoon and on Saturday mornings, there was only one Kraang. He was a pink brain with tentacles driving a supped up behemoth of a man robotic suit. Nowadays there’s a whole race of them running around in the new cartoon series! They still have to robotic bodies to pilot around (Kraangdroids) but they changed to a less conspicuous every-day looking human disguise.
 kraang03 kraang04Most of the figure is done in clear plastic, with silver and pink details to give the illusion of a thin robotic figure. To say they nailed it is an understatement! The painted silver detail of his droid head does a great job of making it look like a human skull shape. There is no head hole (thank goodness) but the pink line on the top is slightly off center. Other than that the paint details are crisp and well done.

kraang02The arms and legs have nice robotic limb details over the clear plastic with full silver color hands and feet. On the torso you can see one of the Kraangs connected to the droid in pilot mode.

kraang05For accessories it comes with one of their futuristic guns (yes I have it upside down in the pictures; saw thing goes on the bottom, duh), a clear base stand and keychain accessory. But that’s not it, we get another Kraang out of the droid complete with little tentacles (ewwww). It’s basically a minimate head attached to a pink tentacle base. Love the expression on the head with the green eyes and sharp teeth.

kraang06 kraang07You basically get two Kraangs in one! Save for very minor paint alignment issues this is a superb figure. Some people have had trouble tracking these exclusives down but thankfully more versions are on their way in the next wave.


MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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