This new line of Pathfinder minimate figures are based off the role playing game of the same name. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, I recommend you check out Paizo.com. There’s a ton of info, games and more on their site. As for minimate figures there have been several sets released along with exclusive goblins. Up next for review is the Konkrud Goblin.




Similar to the past bagged minimates given away at comic conventions, it is packaged in a small baggie.  The printed text is on a sticker attached to the baggie showing the Pathfinder logo, goblin name along with Pazio, Diamond Select Toys & Art Asylum logos.


The Figure



This goblin was a contest prize at last year’s GenCon (then online at various websites afterwards). The goblins are my favorite characters of the Pathfinder line.

KGoblin06 KGoblin04 KGoblin05

Konkrud has to be the ugly wart infested goblin of the bunch. Rather than dark green skin like the Dogslicer he has a yellowish green skin color. Same large head as before with little wart details all over and a great expression on his face.


Base figure is shorted same as other goblins, no articulation in wrists or ankles and sculpted pads on his shoulders. He’s wearing a darker brown outfit with tunic skirt; I like the little knife loop on the side. The painted claws are much more visible on him than they were on Dogslicer.


For accessories he comes with a large blade and a small blade, the later fitting nicely on his skirt loop. He also comes with a clear base stand.

So ugly but so much fun, I need a whole troop of these goblins.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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