Here we have the variant of the wave. Whatever you think of DST’s insistence of including chase figures, at least this one is somewhat worthwhile. There are a fair few versions of Number Six running around the Battlestar Galactica universe. Having said that, this one only ever appeared in Baltar’s head. He’s odd like that. This review focuses on just the variant as the Cylon has been reviewed elsewhere.


The packaging is the same as the regular Cylon and Six, with a Variant sticker instead of anything printed on the pack itself. Six herself is identified on the card as Kobol Six.

The Figure

Kobol Six

Facially there’s a slight difference to regular Six. Kobol Six is smiling and isn’t wearing lipstick. This I suppose reflects her earthier more spiritual aspect in the episodes she appeared in. Unfortunately it also makes her less immediately recognisable as Six. Though in the context of the wave it’s fairly obvious as the hair piece is exactly the same as regular Six.

Interestingly the eyes appear to be different. I’d assumed they’d use the print as used on regular Six. While they do look the same they’re missing the little white circles that indicate refracted light.

This Six wears a white floaty number which is as far from regular Six’s red tarty job as it’s possible to be. The detailing on the chest block is well done, the cleavage is gone, but the acres of boobage is still present and accounted for. It’s just a bit… Dull. There’s not a lot to this variant. The blocky skirt spoils the lines of the chest block, but as mentioned in the regular Six review there’s really no way around this problem so I won’t deduct points for that.

There’s a slight problem in that this figure is dressed all in white, but the white on the chest block is glossier than that of the skirt, and on the upper arms the white has a very matte appearance. The paint app on the upper arms is in my opinion a bit slapdash. It could have benefited from a black line for definition. This is only really apparent on close inspection but I was disappointed to find it.

Like her regular release counterpart this Six has no pants (Danny made me look, honest). DST sure do love their party girls!

Kobol Six has no accessories. She has C3 feet and a peg hole in her head.

Kobol Six deserves to exist, and it’s probably better she does as a variant rather than a regular release. Compared to regular Six though she is just a tad dull.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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