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We’re back for another round of Know Your Foe. Today we’re taking another look at a not-so-well-known Spidey foe …. Tarantula!

Ghost_Rider_Vol_1_2 Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_134

Tarantula first appeared as a villain in Ghost Rider #2 in 1967 but he wasn’t the same person as later appeared in Spider-Man comics. He first appeared against Spider-Man in his red tights in Amazing Spider-Man #134 in 1974. Originally he was a skilled in athletic ability and combat but in later story lines he became mutated to resemble more of his namesake. There have been several incarnations of this character over the years and even a few of the originals’ children taking up the mantle.

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He was released in minimate form as the variant in LCS wave 24 paired with Back in Black Spider-Man. And for a rather obscure, I’d say he holds up well. More recent versions and variations have come up since this costume but he still matches the one Spider-Man first faced off against. I love his facial expression; a manic Errol Flynn all the way. Also nice reuse of Iron Fist’s mask. His costume with the simple lines and large spider logo really stand out.

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There’s not too much needed to update the outfit. I’d add the spiked feet from MvC3 X-23 and an updated mask. It’s not really needed but they could add a bit of muscle highlights on the torso/legs but that’s about it. Actually instead of a redo of this costume it would be better for one of his different costumes/versions. Could even try Heroes for Hire, Maria Tarantula version.

His MMC score was a 6 but valid points about the shoes. If you do a simple swap with X-23’s feet you could bump that up to an 8. Stay tuned for more Spidey Foes and check out Luke’s Toy Store to preorder your Deadly Foes of Spider-Man box set!

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